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New Release Titles
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back from The Crypt...with an apology

Bet you all thought I'd vanished off the face of the planet, and, to be honest, there have been days over these last few months when I'd wished I had, but, I AM BACK.
Mistress Gina Kincade, Naughty Nights Press, all the editors, artists and everyone connected with this wonderful publishing company, I AM SORRY. Sorry I have been absent without leave, sorry I haven't been up to my usual standards, and sorry for not being totally honest with you all about my reasons why, especially you Mistress Gina, because everyone has always been honest with me.
The thing is, my depression has been dragging me back to the dark places I never wanted to go back to, my disability has been causing immense, almost unbearable pain, and my body has been doing its best to just shut down, which has made me so tired these last few weeks I haven't been able to function to the best of my abilities. Staying awake has been the hardest thing for me to do, so I therefore sought help from a doctor.
Now though, I know why I've been feeling like I have and I'm having to change my diet, take extra vitamins, and basically go against everything I have always done to keep myself functioning. But, the positive outcome to all this means I can now resume doing what I love doing best. No, not that! Writing, advocating equality and respect, and having you all back with me in the World of J. S. Morbius.
I know this post hasn't anything to do the the world of Morbius that you all know and love, the world of respect, equality and love for all, no matter what their sexuality or gender, but I thought that an apology and explanation was the least I could do.
With that all said, I hope now to get back on track, bring you even more blog posts, both here on the NNP blog and in The Crypt, write better than ever, and be more of a visible and valuable member of the wonderful world of Naughty Nights Press.



  1. Darling one needs an apology. Believe me when I say, most of us have spent time in the darkness ourselves and emerged stronger, more determined and more committed than ever. I am so sorry you have been in pain, both physical and mental. Just know that the safety net of friends encircles you, catches you and carries you when your heart is too laden to do it yourself. We love you, Julie. I hold you close to my heart and embrace you with healing, supportive thoughts and prayers. Be well. Be happy. Be productive.:) xo

  2. Julez, never apaologise for your health issues. In the future don't keep your problems locked inside by yourself. It is easier and healthier to confide in a friend whether this person is virtual or real. Please fill free to count on me to listen, maybe offer advise. Now that I'm finished lecturing, I wish you good health and energy to carry on with your outstanding writing career.

  3. Julez I can only second what the others have said.

    I hope you feel somewhat better now and things are getting easier

    Dee x

  4. Honey, we all often disappear for a time, so there is no need for apology, especially when it's your health. So glad to hear though that you've sought medical attention to get you back to the Julez we know and love!!

  5. Absolutely no apology required. Been there. Done that. Burned the t-shirt. I understand better than most. Please feel free to write and/or talk to me anytime.


  6. Thank you everyone. I just now hope I can get writing again, After all T-Girl romance needs me ;)