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New Release Titles
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Man versus Machine - a buzzing thought


What is it about vibrators that make some men a little edgy?
What do they find so threatening about our little friend on the right? 
It's understandable that some men feel a slight envy or discomfort when faced with vibrators, especially if their girl likes to play alone. There will always be the self-doubt that their penis is simply not up to the job. After all, who can compete with a machine? Every walk of life has been improved one way or another by the simple efficiency of something plugged in. If its hands free – better still!

 Of course there are men who embrace the opportunity to see just how many orgasm’s a woman can possibly have. They push the thing this way and that and watch in amazement as we fall apart in front of their wide, over excited eyes.

I own one of these little beauties and l have to say it really hits the spot. Can any man you know spin his cock around inside you and intermittently buzz against your clit at the same time? Of course not.
A multi function hand held toy that wants nothing in return can be a great way to spend an evening but for me this is better in my lover’s hands. That way l don’t have to do anything at all except enjoy its whirling twirling... vibrating, pulsating…sorry, got a little distracted.
It’s also good for your partner to see for himself what touches thrill you the most and which ones you squirm away from, without leaving him feeling inadequate.

We all know it’s an occasional toy not a replacement cock. We store it away with all the other fun things: lube, handcuffs, anal beads, paddle etc for those times when you want the heat to last a few hours more.

So which orgasm is best? Be honest now! 

For me the orgasm achieved through person to person contact is different from the sharp intense shuddering my rabbit provides, it is longer, spreads wider and leaves me more satisfied.

Personally l prefer a man inside me, the hard yet warm and yielding shaft of an caring lover beats this plastic pretender hands down. The soft lick of a tongue and the skilled probing fingers of a living, breathing male are, for me anyway, second to none.

So, if you are lucky enough to possess both man and machine, or a partner who shares your curiosity for intensity, you have it all!

Excerpt from 'Pleasing Mia':

Reaching for the side drawer, Mia took out a slim, pink vibrator. Lying back on the untidy bed, she opened her long, smooth legs wide, before switching on the buzz and stroking it deftly against her clit.
Scott raised himself up onto his elbows to watch her, as he had so many times before. She was lost to him now, just Mia and the toy, caught up in pursuing the orgasm he hadn’t been allowed to give her.
Mia bit her lip and grasped one breast with her soft, urgent hand, her blood red mouth grew wider as she worked the toy against her pussy. When her orgasm made its way to the surface of her striving, sweating body, she bucked her hips throwing her head back and groaning loudly while her hands and thighs began to shake and quiver with the intensity of her release.
Then she stopped, winked at Scott and dropped the vibrator to the floor before turning away from him.

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'In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away'

                                                                                                           "Sexy Male" by farconville)


  1. I can't imagine not having toys in the beside drawer. Why should anyone worry about them? They are just another way of making orgasms and even you are using them while your lover watches, you are making orgasms together (it would not feel the same if he wasn't watching, would it?)
    There is a variety beside our bed, but we don't have a rabbit - I find them a big and heavy. At the moment, my favourite is a simple egg. You can use them inside or outside, or on your clit while your lover is inside you.
    If you really want to shake the world's foundations, you can use it during anal. Once he in good and deep and comfortable, you can pop it into your pussy and starting soaring. And he can feel the buzzing too!

  2. That sounds great Jacqueline, l'm with you there, we have a great selection of toys and both enjoy them as part of our love making. I was shocked by a few comments on my blog though where some women said their men felt uncomfortable about the whole idea. Just goes to show the fragility of some partners when it comes to sex. They are truly missing out on a whole range of pleasure!

  3. My husband bought this toy for me. I love him and it. It's quite an experience to have him and it at the same time if you're in for a little DP fun.

  4. That sounds perfect to me Margie and that's definitely the best way to use sex toys, with a loving partner and anywhere you feel like! Thanks for commenting.