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New Release Titles
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Friday, April 19, 2013

K.B. Cutter and Margie Church Guest Post On The Naughty Nights Press Blog

Authors K.B. Cutter and Margie Church, join Naughty Nights Press today to share their newest  book series, RAZOR

With the second book just released, and both of these hot numbers available in print and ebook, Naughty Nights Press knew we had to bring these two incredibly talented writers on for a guest spot. We want everyone to get the chance to read these sizzling books! It'd be such a shame to miss out on this kind of titillation, Domination and wickedly exciting kink!  

Whew! It's getting hot in here! So, while I go grab a tall cold one, I will leave you all with an interesting interview with the naughty lovers of the Razor Series!

Off to you Margie and K.B...

Our three lovers in the Razor series, Bryce, Amy, and Raine, join all the Naughty Nights friends for a sexy, funny interview.

Bryce looked at his phone: "I don't know about you guys, but I just got the text from Margie or KB. I think it must be from KB because auto correct is ridiculous."
Raine grabbed his phone:  "I didn't get the text because I blocked KB, so we know it's from him. Hmm…kinks, dinks? Amy, what do you think?"
Amy stared at her message. "Blocking KB might be a good idea since he can't text for shit. I think it means they're going to be late. They want us to talk about our relationship, and the kinks of how it works."
R:  I don't know; it's easy for me. Bryce does what I want…sometimes more than once. Amy is very playful and cooperative. And she gets off on that, too. Stop smirking, Amy. I got your number.
B: Yeah it is easy for you to say, Raine. I do all the heavy lifting.
R: Love to hear you bitch about it, too…especially when you're between my knees.
A: Woo…like that one. I'll volunteer to be next.
B: We can play after we get these answers figured out. Margie will write us right out of the third book if we don't.
A: What? Doesn't KB have pull with her?
R:  Depends on how sweetly he talks.
A: He has that bedroom voice…or so I heard. Stop looking at me that way, Bryce.
B: Let's stay on task. Okay?
A: You're no fun.
B: Learning to be a switch is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but it's most rewarding, fulfilling now.
R: I know playing "Mistress May I" used to turn you inside out, but you seem to enjoy it.
A: I think he enjoys screwing up so he can be punished for it, too.
R: Is that how it plays?
B: You're off topic, Amy. If I choose to screw up, that's my business, but I will say that I used to think becoming your submissive would emasculate me. Actually, once I got past my traditional mindset and roles, my life got a whole lot more interesting. Who wouldn't enjoy making love with two very interesting, sexy women? Together or alone, it's a mind-blowing experience. Stop giggling, Amy.
A: You said blowing. Okay, I'll stop being a blond. We have honest communication about what we want. I'd have to say, Bryce, that once you let go of those worries about being less than a man, things kind of fell into place. And, I don't think you've ever been hotter in the sack.
R: I want it on the record that I know Bryce still tries to play mind games with me that he's not going to win. But you did go way beyond my expectations at Lucien's Samhain party, Bryce.
B: You're goddamn right I did, but at least now I understand you a lot better. We're still not adding a playroom onto the house.
R: Killjoy. Seriously, do you really feel less than a man as a submissive, now?
B: It's not really fair that Amy doesn't have to live by the really strict rules that I do.
R: Girlfriend relationships trump all. You know I'm just joking, but Amy does sorta follow the rules. When she and I are alone we're more playful than anything. If we had to choose, we'd spend our lives with a man, not another woman, so that affects how Amy and I are together. Do agree, Amy?
A: We were best friends first, but I secretly always wanted you. The way we live now lets me enjoy all of you. I also love watching you with Bryce. When the three of us are together, I think it's the hottest thing I ever could imagine.
B: (Laughs) Amy, what am I gonna do with you?
A: To start with, you can unzip your jeans so you don't hurt yourself, because I noticed you have quite a bulge there, my love.
B: In any loving relationship you'd do that for me, so why don't you?
A: It'll be my pleasure.
R: So we're getting naked, is that it?
B: Amy can't talk with her mouth full. So, I guess that answers your question.
R: Neither can you, Bryce.
B: Well, Mistress, then please come closer.

* * * *

"KB, do you have their house key? The door is locked."
"No, but I probably have a tool in my car that'll help."
"Okay….I hope it's not a salami knife this time."
"Funny girl. I'm going to have to talk to Bryce about his door locks. That was way too easy."
"You busted the door. I'm not taking the heat for that."
"It's very quiet in here."
"Where is everyone? Bryce? Amy? Raine? Anyone home?"
"Do you hear what I hear? It ain't no Christmas carol."
"They didn't wait for us?"
"Are we joining them? …Ouch, woman, you don't need to break my rib."
"To my way of thinking, we have three choices" join them, play Parcheesi in the kitchen, or go get a cup of coffee."
"I've already had my caffeine limit. I hate Parcheesi…so…."
"I'm not hiding behind the curtains until they're done."
"I hope Bryce has his Cialis prescription filled."

Razor: Love's Storm by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter

Their delicious, naughty secret is out, and it's open season on Amy and Bryce's decision to add a third person to their marriage.

All the talking in the world can't convince critics that Amy and Bryce's marriage is rock-solid, and there are no secrets between them. Others meddle to undermine Bryce's business and marriage. Even Raine's Master thinks she's making a huge mistake.

With no allies, and scorn coming from every direction, love and determination must lead Amy, Bryce, and Raine through love's storm.

Their journey began in Razor: Desire's Edge, and continues after Razor: Love's Storm in the third and final book of the trilogy coming this fall, Razor: Love's Reflection.

Buy Love's Storm and the first book, Desire's Edge on Amazon and B&N.

Both books are available in print, too!

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Visit our friends on the web to keep up with more of these tantalizing and tasty treats!

Margie's website: Romance with SASS
K.B. Cutter's Website:


  1. Thanks so much for hosting us. I hope your fans will ask questions. We'll be around to answer!

  2. I loved this! So cool when the characters interview :) and you two are a riot!

    1. thanks, Lois. It's always fun to give people a little different perspective of the characters. And yes, KB and I have a lot of fun together. You have to enjoy each other if you're going to work together. Thanks for being a friend and a fan.

  3. Thank you for allowing us to have our little meeting here. I must learn to love Texting....

    Thank you Lois! 'Twas fun get together!!!

    1. maybe you just need to hate auto-correct. LOL

  4. I love this interview and can't wait to get to read your books. YOu two are quite the comedic pair!

    1. Thanks, Carmen. We do laugh a lot together. Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for being a friend and a fan.

  5. Loved the post! :) You know I absolutely love these books!