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Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Hate must END


Right, now I've got your attention, hello. J S Morbius back at the Naughty Nights Press Blog once again (they are brave to keep letting me out of The Crypt) to talk to you about something I feel strongly about – TRANSPHOBIA.
Before we begin, or I begin and you pay attention, let me tell you about J S Morbius and Transsexuals.
For a number of years now I've admired, even fancied quite a lot as well, these women from a distance just never sure where my feelings for them had come from or even why they had developed. After all, I have always been a straight guy in straight relationships. I've never touched or kissed another man, nor have I knowingly met a transsexual either.
However, if I did it wouldn't faze me in the slightest because I don't see transsexuals as any different than anyone else. They are humans, just like all of us. When all said and done and they want the same thing as everyone else – happiness, respect, love, honesty and equality.
Yet still some quarters of society see these women, and men, as nothing more than 'freaks', oddities' or 'perverts' that only want one thing - non-stop sex and shit loads of money. Maybe the money part is true, none of you can tell me you wouldn't like shit loads of money as well, but the non-stop sex over the aforementioned four things I mentioned, I doubt it. Yes everyone loves sex. Hell, even I do and I've not had any for over three years (due to my own fault but that's another story for another day, maybe).
Anyway, back to Transphobia and my monthly rant. This week has seen the 14th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, which I covered extensively on my blog, The Crypt of Morbius, on the exact date of remembrance - November 20th. As with all days of remembrance this day was founded to pay respects to the men and women that, because of what they were not who they were either murdered or, found themselves so depressed due the way they were perceived, committing suicide.



In a 2002 Survey, 23% of respondents thought that transgender
children should not be allowed to attend public school.
In the same survey, 50% of respondents said that transgender
people should not be allowed to teach high school, and 60% said
that transgender people should not be allowed to teach


Among the general population, about 20% of adults have thought
seriously about suicide. (Harris Poll)
Among transgender people,
at least 35% have thought seriously about suicide. About 16%-
32% have attempted suicide. (Xavier, 2000; Clements et. Al, 1998)

Above are just THREE facts, researched by real people, that show just what a fucked up society we live in and it has got to change. 

 Ladies and Gentlemen I hate to tell you but we are living in the 21st century, not the 12th, and there is no need, or place, in a modern society for this sort of behavior to be allowed to continue. Anyone who does behave in this manner is either a very weak, sick, lonely individual or so insecure with their own sexuality they think that having a pop at different members of the world makes them believe they are, and I hate to use this word, 'normal'.

REALITY CHECK !!! You are not normal you are exactly what I have just said you are, sad, lonely and insecure in your own sexuality and if you don't like it