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Friday, August 10, 2012

My Word On The LendInk Issue

I'm truly disheartened by the amount of writers who literally attacked a man's attempt to run a legitimate site even after I and several others confirmed it was legit.  Sadly, even some of my own writers went off and took matters into their own hands AFTER my August 2nd post informing them about LendInk's legitimate status. 

I was asked about our books being on LendInk, did my research into the site, realized quickly there was no hosting of our books, even went so far as to contact Amazon with a couple of questions (which btw if you ask the right questions about books being lendable you get a positive answer rather then a negative one) and returned in a very short time with a definitive answer to their concerns.  The fact that some blatantly ignored my notice makes me quite angry.

In no way whatsoever do I, or my publishing company, support what these writers did.

Further to that, I hearby make this statement in support of Mr. Porter, hopefully ensuring that he and others are fully aware that ANY takedown notices issued by any authors of NNP books listed on his site was done WITHOUT my knowledge and against my expressed advice.  
In fact, as NNP has contracts giving us 100% exclusive rights to distribution and marketing of books we've published, those authors who defied my request to leave LendInk alone, as I had approved of the site's purpose, have technically violated our contracted marketing rights.  

I'd like to inform Mr.Porter that he DOES NOT have to respond to a single request regarding our works and we are HAPPY to continue our FREE advertising on his site as part of his previous, in place lending program should he decide to rebuild LendInk or another legitimate site.

I am deeply ashamed at the behavior I've been made aware occurred AFTER my advice to the entire group and therefore, each and every NNP writer.

Further to a discussion in my authors group yesterday, even more accusations have been made against Mr. Porter that truly have me shaking my head.
It was said to my group that "simple questions" were only being asked of the man and that "he became a jerk" and started a "hate list."
So, were these screenshots the "questions" that were being asked of Dale Porter of LendInk?  

By the way, neither of the two people involved in creating this "retribution list" is Dale Porter, owner of LendInk, according to my RESEARCH, but rather individuals who openly admit to never even speaking to him. 

So, once again accusations fly saying that Mr. Porter himself was "a jerk" and created a "hate list". Once again it's obvious that due diligence has not occured before the foolish opened their mouth. Dale Porter has NOTHING to do with any of what he's, yet again, been accused of.  

Perhaps those who put forth claims of bad sandbox play ought to look in the mirror when it comes to a witch hunt.  One person can bring problems to those who never even were a part of it.  Lovely.  

Moral, don't go off on the assumption high horse without realizing the potential consequences that  your actions can bring to others.

I read this: I recognize a few of the named members of this lynch mob! Foolish. Not impressed.  Not impressed at all.

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