New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Flashed – As in Fiction – Hard or Easy?

If you haven’t already heard, me, Kiki Howell, along with two other NNP authors, Cassandre Dayne and Abby Hayes, have teamed up with three other fantastic erotic authors ( Sommer Marsden, Emma Hillman and Jennifer Labelle) to create an anthology of Flash Fiction stories. Today through July 9th, FLASHED: Flirty, Fun & Deliciously Explicit is FREE on Amazon Kindle! In one day it has reached the top 100 in Erotica in three countries :)

So, Flash Fiction, is it easy or hard to write? Well, guess that depends. In a way, it doesn’t take the commitment it takes to write even a short story, but on the other hand, to have a beginning, middle and end in only 500 – 2000 words is not easy. It takes some thought. Writing flash fiction often reminds me of learning to write the paragraph in English classes. They have to fit into a paper as a whole, but in themselves have their own internal structure. Getting some sense of character development, plot and scene setting, along with some snippet of a sexual situation, into such a small word count is really no small goal.  But, flash fiction is a great way to get your feet wet too, if you want to try your hand at writing.  Or, it’s a great writing exercise.

One way I got into writing is that when a chapter or ending didn’t go the way I wanted in a book, I recreated that scene or chapter in my head. Again, this is another great way to try your hand at writing, or even to perfect your craft. I did that recently with Pride & Prejudice. It isn’t that I have a single complaint about the book, but I thought it would be fun to add in a paranormal element. So, I picked the time between Lizzy and Darcy getting engaged and getting married to have her reveal her secret to him. I kept everything else the same. Again, not easy. But, I really enjoyed doing it. If you are interested in reading “Lizzy’s Secret,” my addition to Pride & Prejudice, you can go to my blog

If you would like to read  FLASHED: Flirty, Fun & Deliciously Explicit for free, go to before midnight on the 9th! Remember, you can read Kindle books lots of places, even on your laptop, with free apps.

To say much in very few words can be a challenge, but flash fiction gives authors a chance to show their voice, their writing style, and their passion for the stories they write.

Flashed, the anthology, gives you six authors and a lot of smoldering hot flash fiction. In it, Kiki Howell is thrilled to be joined by five authors who she loves to read. And so, she invites you to experience what she loves about each author: Jennifer Labelle’s emotional writing, Sommer Marsden’s gritty and sexy style, Cassandre Dayne’s scorching hot intensity, Emma Hillman’s sassy heroines, and Abby Hayes wild child ways, along with her own paranormal and erotic romance in this anthology. 

The combination is flirty, fun & deliciously explicit.

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