New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spotlight On...these Naughty Hot Shots

Welcome to Naughty Nights Press

Today I will be shining my special little spotlight on our collection of Naughty Hot Shots.

Keep an eye out for the end of each post in case there is a contest being held. These will be held on and by the author's themselves. So feel free to ask them questions and follow them to see what else they get up to.

Naughty Hot Shots - Voyeur Hall by May McQueen

Available at All Romance E-Books, Amazon and Smashwords

Jo is a pretty, laid-back undergrad. While immersing herself in her studies at one of the dirtiest haunts on campus one night, she meets Jared. She's immediately drawn to his carefree personality and suave character, and the two hit it off. Just as the conversation seems to be taking off, Jared suddenly leaves Jo, claiming he has a job to get to.
Jo's interest is piqued by his suddenly secretive behavior, and she decides to follow him. When she sees him enter Vickers Hall, one of the most rundown buildings on campus, infamous for its utter lack of appeal, she is baffled. But then more and more people follow Jared's example.
Curious as to why so many people are flocking to Vickers Hall, she decides to investigate. What she finds there is the last thing she ever expected to see – a secretive peep show run by the residents of the dorm. But Jo is far from perturbed. If anything, she is more intrigued. Especially when she finds out just what line of work Jared is in . . .

Naughty Hot Shots - Booty Call 
Benjamin T. Russell & Michelle Chatton

Available at All Romance E-Books, Amazon and Smashwords

So what is a strong-willed, Bi-BBW supposed to do when she decides she wants to have a MMF ménage to celebrate her birthday? She makes a Booty Call to her bi-sexual male co-worker and her hot Dom ex-lover.

Victoria Carter has finally broken free from a destructive relationship, now she wants to explore her sensuality and her sexuality to the fullest. Ready to meet the world head on, this is just the beginning of her sexual adventures.

Naughty Hot Shots - Six to One by Ana Hart

Available at All Romance E-Books, Amazon and Smashwords

Every woman’s fantasy comes to life in this ménage with six men lavishing their sexual attentions on a single woman.
The nameless female protagonist in this story has always dreamed of being, well, gang-banged. She confides this fantasy to her lover of two years, Derek, and much to her surprise, he sets out to make fantasy become a reality.
The story details our protagonist's journey into fantasy nirvana as she suddenly finds herself faced with the prospect of being with six men, including Derek, all at the same time.
Six to one is a fast-paced tale of lust and fulfillment, of animal passions and raw need.

Naughty Hot Shots - Love Bite by Ashlynn Monroe

Available at All Romance E-Books, Amazon and Smashwords

This story is a unique paranormal romance about an alpha male vampire whose secret need for domination is fulfilled years later by the woman he discards.

Love Bites is a descriptive tale with BDSM elements, male submission and female domination.

Naughty Hot Shots - Oral Sex by Cassandre Dayne

Available at All Romance E-Books, Amazon and Smashwords

Trevor Williams was stymied. Enlisted to write a scintillating article for the city’s hottest magazine, Down & Dirty, he wasn’t sure of how to approach the angle. Granted, writing about oral sex seemed to be every man’s fantasy but his boss wasn’t looking for a vanilla laced version. This one had to sizzle the pages in an effort to garner more subscribers. In truth – his job was on the line. During a sultry exchange over lunch with his two best friends, they tossed around ideas. And it didn’t hurt that Bridget was a naughty minx at heart. Too bad Trevor preferred men.

Undaunted, she decided to kick up the heat and remind him just how enjoyable oral sex could be. What a better way than showing versus telling? Her point made, an idea for one kinky party was created and Trevor finally had his first in a series of articles set to release. Not to be outdone by her scandalous behavior, Trevor decided to turn the tables and give Bridget her ultimate in fantasies. What he didn’t tell her was that she was going to be the star of the show. Was this taking their friendship too far or would she learn to enjoy oral sex in a whole new light?  

Naughty Hot Shots - Orally Fixated by Cassandre Dayne

Available only on KDP at Amazon. 

Michael Jordan adored his friends – enough to drag them into a contest he needed to win in order to save his career  – and perhaps kick up his love life. While working at the hottest gay magazine in town had its perks, his boss thought of him as far too conservative to write the kinky sex pieces he’d been hired to do. It was too bad his boss had no idea just how dark his cravings really were.
Michael was determined to come up with an entirely new angle and give his sexy gal pal, Autumn, a birthday she’d never forget. After all, she had the hots for a woman and fantasized every night about tasting the vivacious vixen. What better way than have Autumn be the center of attention for a series of articles?
His idea? Host a hot party to study and depict all forms of oral sex and other sinful acts in vivid color. And just when he thought he had everything set in motion – a series of events brings out his inner wild 

Naughty Hot Shots - Phone Sex by Cassandre Dayne 

Available at All Romance E-Books, Amazon and Smashwords

Shannon Denton is a high-powered attorney by day and a phone sex operator at night, fulfilling fantasies for men across the globe. The rush of doing something so sinful in her evenings soothes the fact her daytime clients are generally guilty as charged.
Sadly, she’s alone and lonely and unable to fulfill her own hidden desires. When the owner of Eden’s Fantasies asks for a favor – requesting a woman become a client – Shannon realizes sex talk is just that.
Allowing the call, there’s something dangerous and alluring about Portia and against company policy Shannon agrees to meet her. When the electric current sparks between them, Portia is determined to have Shannon succumb to her dark hungers. Unfortunately, there’s a mysterious secret that could jeopardize their rather kinky adventure and force Shannon to face an ugly realization.

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