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New Release Titles
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

She Wields a Mean Whip...

Happy Thursday from Cassandre Dayne. Some call me wicked while others call me willful. The truth is I have many sides to me from playful to naughty, sensuous to gentle and yet what most like to see me as is a Domme. I tend to write about more characters in which the women are subs in the relationship. Perhaps that's because I have a bent personally that is more submissive. However I do look good in leather with a whip in my hand. But that's an entirely different story. Or is it?

In penning Bad Things - the trilogy, I decided I would take the concept of exploring my rather dark Domme side out for a sexy spin. Anastasia is a tough woman, having lived in a man's tough world and owning what some would call a deprived business deep in the heart of the conservative and very religious South. Bad Things is a club catering to every level of kink you can imagine and the customers might just surprise you. She's also a member of a Were Tiger Pride, and one being targeted by not only human monsters but those who truly do go snarl in the night. Releasing today, I hope you enjoy a taste of Bad Things - Hunger. Oh and be very, very afraid...


At precisely eight-thirty Anastasia heard Jasmine’s lilting voice as it floated into her office. The girl was always enthusiastic with new clients but she seemed somehow a bit more so tonight. Chuckling, she thought about just how hard she was going to whip the girl for her desires. She waited as patiently as she could as she heard Jasmine follow through with her routine, showing the newbie around their office. While only accepted clients were allowed to see the rooms behind the majority of the closed doors, they were allowed access to the quaint session rooms and the main salon which was adored with a fully stocked bar, plush seating, a computer the guests could use and of course all the media they could handle.
It was her way of keeping them playing in the sandbox for longer. The information Devon found on Trenton proved to be more than useful. He had a colorful past and one might say a touch dubious. He certainly had shied away from his previous life marrying an upper crust socialite from one of the best families in Charleston. Anastasia couldn’t help but wonder what mommy and daddy would say about their son-in-law’s admitted hungers.
She licked her lips and stood, smoothing down her silk dress. She’d changed into red, her signature and power color, and made sure she wore her tallest heels. Anastasia was after all the woman in ultimate charge. Even if Christian Sowers believed he was. As she heard Jasmine’s voice edging closer, Anastasia turned off the main light so only the ambient glow of her torch lamps filtered throughout the room. The effect always seemed to sooth clients who were at minimum nervous at first. Tonight she suspected Trenton Parker would be cool as a cucumber as least in the beginning.
She knew all too well that the sessions not only titillated but terrified many. Each man and woman tended to be very honest on their applications and sometimes brutally so. They were asked key questions to really learn what were the truths and lies and in almost a hundred percent of the cases she was very accurate. Unfortunately many weren’t truly ready to have all their fantasies fulfilled, which became a constant worry.
“Mistress Anastasia. We have our expected visitor.” Jasmine’s voice carried into the room.
Anastasia turned slowly and instantly knew the stunning man was the very one she and Kristoff tracked a few nights before by the combination of his scents alone. He was indeed breathtaking with his shoulder length dark hair and either Italian or Puerto Rican decent. She could easily see why Jasmine was as smitten with the man as she was. There was something about his ruby full lips, made for kissing, that even gave her a thrill. Gazing down the length of his body she could sense he was a man of style and enjoyed living the finer aspect of life. He was also nervous given the heightened level of testosterone he was giving off. “Mr. Parker.” She knew she had the advantage with the dimmer lights but she could see every hair and every tic he made given her keen vision.
“Trenton, yes,” he said as he gazed around the office.
“That will be all for now, Jasmine and thank you. I’ll let you know my decision in a few minutes after I’ve had time to ask Mr. Parker some questions.”
“Very good, Mistress.” Jasmine nodded before retreating back. She gave Trenton a cautious look before closing the door.
Trenton let out his breath and turned to face Anastasia. “She’s as beautiful up close as I imagined she’d be.”
“She is a true delight and I couldn’t do this without her. I understand you’re an attorney and work in the building?”
“Yes, I’m a partner in Braxton, Parker and Sampson.”
“Please come and sit so we can talk more comfortably. Can I offer you a drink?” Anastasia purred as she patted the top of the leather sofa.
“That would be wonderful,” he said quietly as he moved to the couch.
“What would you like, Mr. Parker and please, there’s no need to be nervous.”
“Who said I was nervous?’
“Your shaking legs and the musky scent of your wafting desire.”
Choking, Trenton eased down onto the sofa and wrung his hands. “Okay, you got me and I’ll have whatever very strong alcohol you might have.”
Anastasia smiled. There was something refreshing about the man and for some reason she didn’t think he had any idea about what he was involved in. “Johnny Walker on the rocks?”
The drink of choice seemed to surprise him. Nodding, he grinned, instantly more comfortable. “A woman with discerning tastes.”
“You have no idea, Mr. Parker.” Pouring the drinks she sighed as she handed him a glass. The instant their fingers touched she could tell he was more than hot and bothered and also that he was under duress. “I read from your information you’re married and yet curious about several kinky aspects. Have you talked with your wife?”
“No… yes…” Trenton laughed as he wiped his face. “She’s a sweet and lovely woman but I don’t think my particular needs encourage a strong relationship.”
“Your particular needs. That’s said like you’re ashamed.” Anastasia moved to the couch and as she sat down she kept her eyes pinned on him. The man was nervous as hell.
“I’m not… well, I certainly don’t want to post my desires out on the Internet. That’s for sure.” Taking a sip of his drink he looked at anything and everything but Anastasia.
“Wanting to experience kinky acts isn’t weird or depraved. In truth, my belief is that only few people will allow themselves to fully admit and certainly try what they long for. So many are stymied by what they perceive as a failure of their make up simply because they want something a bit more erotic than perhaps most. But I can assure you that there are few who don’t crave something more than vanilla sex.” As she crossed her legs she watched his expression carefully. Trenton was indeed soul-searching. This might be part of his job but the man wanted much more than what he was getting in the bedroom at home.
“That’s an interesting way of putting it. You’re probably right.”
“Probably? I studied with some of the finest sex therapists in the country and the one thing they taught me is that everyone hides behind a mask. The few who allow their inner beast, if you will, out are much happier,” Anastasia said, choosing her words carefully. Testing him, she couldn’t see a glimmer of any recognition in his eyes, which might allow her time to figure out what was going on.
Nodding, he swirled his drink and finally stole a glance in her direction. “That’s true. That’s very true. I love my wife so please don’t get me wrong but I need more and I wish I was the kind of man who could tell her.”
“And you think Bad Things is going to help you?”

So tell me darling children, do you think I resemble Anastasia just a tiny bit?

Purr and kisses   xxx








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  1. Yes, ma'am, if I might be so bold, I do believe you just may resemble Anastasia a tiny bit . . . although that is definitely not a bad thing!

    In all seriousness, I can't wait to give this one a read. :)

  2. I think you might do, or maybe that's just your outward persona protecting your sub side. Hmm, either way this is a great snippet, an awesome cover and, l hope, a soon to be, well deserved best seller for you!