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New Release Titles
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Few Facts About the Adult Film Industry

I had a great time researching the Adult Film Industry for my latest release, Dream Job, so I wanted to share a few interesting facts with you that stuck out to me *winks*

--- Think guys are aroused by just about anything? It's actually the other way around. Researchers from Northwestern University showed men and women videos of nude actors exercising, masturbating, or having sex. They found that men have pretty clear "targets" — straight dudes got hot looking at ladies, while gay dudes were turned on by men. It's fuzzier for chicks, though. Even if they didn't report feeling in the mood, straight women experienced physical arousal after viewing pretty much any kind of sexual stimuli — guy-on-guy porn, girl-on-girl action… From Cosmopolitan

--- There is a sex scene pay scale that has many variants like experience, etc. I saw many, some outdated, but still, there didn’t seem to be much variance to them. Here is one from Wiki:

Solo Masturbation $500-1000
Girl/Girl $1000-1500
Girl/Girl (anal) $1200-1700
Boy/Girl $1500-2000
Boy/Girl (anal) $2000-2500
Boy/Boy/Girl (double penetration) $2500-3000

--- Florida has passed numerous laws against sex, including gay marriage, paying for phone sex, unnatural acts, etc. Ironically, the state leads the U.S. when it comes to consumers of porn (DVD sales, streaming videos, searches) according to the magazine Men's Health. Topping the list is Orlando, Florida, which is the porn consumption capital of the country.

--- I read, but can’t remember where, sorry, that there are on average 12-18 people on set during filming, and that there are a lot of action “freezes” to get just the right lighting and angle to the shots. Most ‘interesting’ job I read about, and one that Viagra is apparently making non-existent, was that of the Fluffer - a person whose job it was to keep the male porn star's penis erect during breaks between shooting so that it would be ready to go the instant the cameras started rolling. Sounds fun, right?

--- According to WikiPorno

the top ten movie names are:

1. A Few Hard Men

2. A Tale of Two Titties

3. American Hair Pie

4. Anus and Andy

5. Anus the Menace

6. Asspocalypto

7. Backseat Confidential

8. Beaver and Buttface

9. Bi-Curious George

10. Black Cock Down

--- ranked in the top ten highest selling domain names, going in 2007 for $950,000. It ranked among names like, and of course,

I actually found it fascinating, the good and the bad, in researching the industry. And, in my story, Dream Job, after the research, well I just let my imagination go wild, literally dreaming up a scenario that I would want to be in *all smiles* Check it out…


Kim was tired of still working non-field-related jobs three years after getting her B.A. in Film and Digital Media. After a bad break up, she talks herself into doing something about it and applies for a job in the adult film industry. Thinking she made a mistake – looking at the cheesy posters on the walls while waiting for her interview – she comes close to leaving, taking another cashier job. However, when she catches a glimpse of her boss-to-be and his disheveled dusty blond hair, chocolate brown eyes and tight white t-shirt showing ripped abs above tight torn at the thigh jeans, she is more than intrigued.
Now, between her sexy-as-hell boss man, David, and filming a ménage shoot, Kim is having feelings and thoughts she never thought she would.
Kim begins to realize this just might be her dream job after all.
Genres: Contemporary Erotica, Ménage M/F/M

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