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New Release Titles
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Chit Chat and All That! with the cheeky, sexy BL Morticia and Michael Mandrake

Why We Love Homoerotic Images
Michael Mandrake and BLMorticia

MM: Greetings friends! We’re happy to be at NNP’s Chit Chat today . Thanks for letting me chime in on this with NNP writer BL. I’m Michael Mandrake and with me is my fellow muse, BLMorticia, the author of the Silver Star son All Romance, My Lieutenant and Something Fresh Served Hot. Great job BL!

BL: *smiles* Thanks M, I’m very excited people wanted to read my snarky romances. More to come folks, I’m just getting warmed up! *laughs*

MM: Oh yeah, and she means that too. Rawiya’s really busy writing Sugar Daddy and 2 other shorts so she’s not here with us. We’ll try her best to entertain her in your absence! So, what BL and I want to talk about is the love of homoerotic pictures. The one we’re showing above is a photo-shopped job of Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural. Now, as some of you know, they’re brothers in the show.

BL: Very hot brothers. *licks lips*

MM: Yes, and many fans have wrote stories called slash about these two despite the fact they aren’t in love.

BL: Yeah, people need to get a grip! Slash has been around a long time, going all the way back to Star Trek with Spock and Kirk. This is nothing new. If you surf the web, you’ll find drawings of slash or same sex pairing pics with those two as well as plenty other so called characters on shows together in sexy poses. It’s all make believe, no harm is it?

MM: No, it’s a hobby and perfectly normal. The homoerotic pictures and or stories is how Sharita got her start in writing m/m. If she hadn’t done that, she’d probably still be doing het stories and I or Rawiya wouldn’t have been created.

BL: Yes, that’s true but I was around so we would’ve caught on. The fact that Sharita is curious about sex and loves to write about it would’ve eventually made her look into it. You know Michael, some people think there’s a problem with these pics and or stories. Sharita actually wrote some slash in the pop music fandoms, RPF, Real Person Fanfic. A lot of the m/m writers start in some part of fanfiction and because of the comments they receive on their writing it gives them confidence to move on and write for a living if the passion is there. Pictures like the one below…

BL: Of Simon Lebon and John Taylor from Duran Duran spur on writers to make their imaginations go. We gain a lot of inspiration from what we see and hear. Sharita got her start looking at pics of her faves and putting them in a romantic situation. No harm in this, it isn’t sold for profit. Only for fun. Why do you think people have an issue with this?

MM: Not sure, BL. Creativity breeds imagination. You need things to feed that. No one has made the assumptions that the two men are gay. Blasphemy *laughs* It’s all in the author’s mind, totally harmless. Certainly, the picture can spark an idea by just looking at it. It didn’t have to be them either, it could’ve been any photo of any two men.

BL: Yeah and people are up in arms about it, not sure why. We need something to fuel that fire. What about a single picture of a man in a sexy pose?

MM: Ooh and we still have no clue who this man is. Yes, it is lovely. Can we do a search on him, maybe put an APB out for his arrest for being too hot? *laughs*

BL: *laughs* Mike, I didn’t know you had it in you.

MM: Oh yeah, I do. The sight of a beautiful man makes this old man go wonky. Anyway, it invokes an emotion a feeling and I love looking his body, only being partially covered. However, if it were just out there and has been on our Google page, people have an issue with it, why?

BL: because he’s half naked and we all know that half nude men cause a problem. *laughs* I honestly don’t get it. It’s the human body. His cock isn’t showing, only a small amount of pubic hair, oh and guess what folks, this is an ad for the necklace he’s wearing. *grins* Even in advertising, people know that a little “homoerotic” *raises fingers in quotes* may catch people’s attention. OMG, isn’t that awful? Let’s lock up our children! I don’t have any thank God!

MM: Many do though and they find this offensive. Even the Sam and Dean one may be considered to be an issue because of their relationship in the show.

BL: Hey compared to some I’ve seen that’s tame.

MM: Oh yeah, I’m in agreement. We’ll close this discussion by saying we love the pictures because they get the juices flowing.

BL: *BL smacks MM* Hey that’s my line!

MM: Ow, but really. *rubs shoulder* It does, in a creators mind, it gets the imagination going and that single pic might turn into a masterpiece on paper regardless if its FF or a real story. No one is harmed, burned, no offense really.

BL: If you don’t like it move on!

MM: Exactly. The internet and media in general are powerful tools. Pictures of homoerotic nature have been around forever and will be as long as the world stands. Get over your dislike for it because it’s here to stay.

BL: And we’re so glad they are. Lord knows I don’t wanna write about het relationships all the time. *laughs*

MM: I know I don’t. Thanks to Penny for allowing us to ramble. The busy 3rd muse Rawiya and I have new releases out. Please enjoy the covers, blurbs, and excerpts.

BL: Yeah thanks hunny. Go find some homoerotic pics and enjoy. Buy our books!

Camdyn Hardy is a former cop who has his own private investigator business. Due to a misunderstanding from a client, he gets into an argument with his lover Tay. Right after, they breakup Camdyn is left alone to think about his future as a PI and his love life.
Malik Day was recently discharged under the DADT policy and is looking to get his life on track The main reason he joined was because he dreamed of being a ranking officer. Now that it’s been taken away, he desires to start his life anew and find someone to share it with.

After two weeks the men meet at a shooting range and find out they have a lot in common. Once they engage in a one on one match, they proceed to a bar to have drinks and get to know one another better.  They both discover their affinity for guns as well as Camdyn’s need for a new partner at Camdyn & Associates. Malik is intrigued but afraid to ask him and decides to wait till they are closer. Camdyn is excited about this prospect as well but waits for Malik to say the word. Finally, in an erotic encounter, true feelings are revealed.

In subsequent books, the story continues where the twosome begin their work and love relationship. Together they’ll take on cases investigating cheating husbands or wives, companies with defector employees all the while trying to maintain their newfound commitment to one another as well as having a little fun in the process.

When he made it to the office, he signed the necessary papers and waited as the man finished his transaction. Lazily, he leaned on the counter and nonchalantly glanced at a hot looking man that stood less than twenty feet away. Malik grinned and moistened his lips in the gorgeous stranger’s direction.
The attractive guy gave him more than an eye and winked. Obviously, he plays on my team. His lush brown-and-blond hair barely kissed his shoulders. Beautiful azure eyes the same color as the Pacific. Lips so slim and kissable, Malik knew he could enjoy them for hours. Wicked visions crossed his mind as he eyed the scruff on the man’s cheeks. He liked a little roughness when making love.
The snug, black shirt fit well, hugging his bulging muscles. Malik eyed the ink that peeked from under one sleeve and salivated. His skinny, black jeans clung to his taut buttocks; Malik’s own trousers felt a little tight in the crotch. “Mhmmm.” Malik tried to keep his stares from being obvious to the clerk. 
Would the hot man like to play with him a little? Malik sure hoped so.
It had been a long while since his last fuck. He’d spent the time searching for employment, going to job fairs, and not getting any call backs. Malik had remained so focused on getting a job; he’d ignored the signals of his groin needing a release from other than his own hand. Too long. He headed for the door and wished the handsome man would follow.
Maybe it’s time to stop looking for work and attempt to find a man.
Just when he stepped out, a voice stopped him. 
Malik slowly turned around. It was indeed him, the hottie he’d been eyeing. It shocked Malik to see the guy was actually speaking to him. “Hello.” Malik was taken aback by the guy speaking to him, but he guessed he warranted a greeting when they exchanged more than a passing glance.
The man stepped closer to him and held out his hand. “Name’s Camdyn. And you are?”
“Malik.” He accepted the handshake and returned it firmly. “Nice to meet you.” He raised an eyebrow.
“Same here.” Malik noticed Camdyn continued to hold on to his palm. Of course he didn’t mind; it felt unexpectedly soft and warm. “Um, you been comin’ here a while?”
“Yeah, I um…” Malik stopped short and bit his lip. He tried not to sound too excited. This was the last place he’d expected to be picked up at. The shooting range? Malik would’ve never thought of this place to meet other gay men. 
“I been around, but I just got back in town.”
“Yeah? I’m guessin’ from the getup you served in the Army.”
“Uh huh… I um… yeah, let’s go outside.” Quickly, he pulled his hands away, even though he didn’t want to. Surely, he wanted to talk with Camdyn some more, but away from others coming in and out of the shop. He felt a little uncomfortable being picked up at some place so manly, but in a way, he liked it.
Michael Mandrake is the author of several novellas including his latest, Vertigo from Sizzler Editions. His next books, True Meaning 2: The Complete Portrait from XOXO and Under the Gun from No Boundaries Press are due out in 2012. To find out more please visit

A story about three people searching for love in the most unconventional way. Bryan Finley and his partner Damien Earley would like a third in their relationship. While Damien is on a business trip, Bryan meets Mara Devine a sultry sexy vixen who's insatiable and wants the same. Damien has other thoughts in mind but Mara does everything in her power to turn the tables in her favor. 

Angie looked at Mara who immediately drew the attention of the nice looking gentleman. “Um, Mara, this is Bryan. He just stepped in from work, needing a drink. Bryan, my friend and coworker, Mara.” Angie waived her hand.
“Hello.” He smiled sweetly and extended his palm for Mara to shake it.
Immediately she accepted, grinning at him, enjoying the sight in front of her. The feel of his hands, so soft and warm. Obviously a white-collar worker. Scents of her favorite man’s cologne infiltrated her nostrils causing her pulse to quicken. She loved to lick it off him if she had the chance.
“Hi, looks like you came in just in time to get one drink. Pity.” She cocked an eyebrow and drew up her ruby red lips into a pucker. Their gaze wasn’t broken.
He hadn’t let her hand go yet. Bryan drew up his lips. “Yeah, I guess I’ll have to drink elsewhere, hmm?”
Angie began cleaning.
Mara moved in a little closer to the bar, still staring at Mr. Hottie.
My luck just got better.
 “Well, we were just about to go to another place. Do you wanna to join us?”
Bryan finished the rest of his drink and sat the glass down.  Seductively, he licked his lips making Mara salivate. She wished they were on top of hers right now.
“Sure, where you headed?”
Mara batted her eyes and leaned in closer making sure he could get a good look at her best assets. “To a place near Roosevelt called Mystique. They’re having a Fuck Valentine’s Day dance party.”
Bryan chuckled heartily, obviously amused by the reference.  “Sounds like a great time. Tell me, does the name mean you’re guaranteed a fuck today or does it call for somethin’ else?”
Mara couldn’t help but be excited by his response. “Well, I believe the answer is the latter but if you play your cards right, it may just be lucky for both you and me.” Mara’s gaze remained affixed to his dark brown orbs. In that small moment, she studied his features. Bryan was so damn hot; perfect dimples, and smooth, porcelain white skin she love to have entangled in her red satin sheets around her coffee colored body. How could a man this good looking be alone tonight?
Angie guffawed while she mopped the floor.
“Is that so,” he raised an eyebrow. “In that case, I’m game. Are you girls drivin’ over there?”
Mara felt herself creaming in response to the hot stranger. “Nope, we’re gonna take a cab since we thought we might be havin’ more than a few more drinks. Are you?”
Bryan shifted in the chair, “No, I walked over here. I work at the Water Tower for a consultants firm. I just left and decided to leave my car so I could enjoy a few libations. Mind if I tag along with you two in the taxi?”
She nodded and winked, wishing it was only the two of them at this moment but she couldn’t abandon her best friend. “Not at all. If you try anything funny, we can take you. Would you like another one before we hit the road?”
The corners of Bryan’s mouth turned up into a smile. “Maybe just water will do Mara…and your last name?” He held out his hand once more.
“Devine, Mara Devine.” Again, she took his hand firmly. The feel of his skin against hers sent electric shocks to every part of her body.
“Such a perfect name for a very attractive lady. If you’re interested my last name is Finley.”
Oh yes, I’m interested.
Bryan pulled her closer and whispered, “You look lovely tonight, Mara. I’m gonna have a hard time behaving myself and being a gentleman.”
“Then don’t, Bryan. I enjoy a little harmless playing, especially if it leads into somethin’ else.” Mara mouthed into his ear and exaggerated the end of the sentence for affect. She didn’t care that they’d just met. Mara wanted him in the worst way. She sniffed his aroma again and became intoxicated, wishing they were anywhere but here.
Bryan flinched and grinned. “Oh yeah, you’re my kind of lady, Mara. You can take the flirts and dish ‘em out.”

RAWIYA is the more sensual erotica writer in the BLRawiya duo. Rawiya's first sole author book, Time to Make the Donuts is a Silver Star on All Romance from Naughty Nights Press and her first MMF Living in the Now will be released in April from NNP. She has several shorts in anthologies, the latest, That Thing in the STARbooks collection, Tall Dark and Delicious. A lot of her shorts are also on Every Night Erotica. She blogs regularly at Erotic Dairies and Wicked Sexy Writers. For more please visit the Rawiyas blog on Wordpress.

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