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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chit Chat & All That: Fan Fiction with Sherry Tooker & Gemma Parks!

Welcome to Naughty Nights Press' Chit Chat & All That: Fan Fiction with Sherry Tooker & Gemma Parks!

Sherry Tooker and Gemma Parks are our guests today and they are here talk about Fan Fiction.

So grab a beverage of your own choice and make yourself comfortable and read today's Chit Chat and All That!

Fan Fiction, where do I start?

As a writer I dabbled in a few things previously before deciding to submit anything decent for publishing just to hone my skills and fan fiction is where I got my start. What is Fan fiction you ask? It’s simple, it’s exactly what the name says, fiction by the fans of some sort of celebrity. It could be anyone from an actor to a musician to a sports star. I started with writing fan fiction about Leland Chapman, yes as in Leland from Dog the bounty hunter.

I had a few friends who liked the show and they suggested I write a story about Leland (They were obsessed with him) and I did and all I can say since that fateful day when fan fiction was introduced to me, I have written about 1000 or more (i’d probably say more)

The best thing about fan fiction is that you can write any scenario you want, even erotic nights and steamy sex scenes with your favourite celebrities, hell I do. Everyone has fantasies about someone famous but there is only a few game enough writing them down.

I got so into fan fiction that I ended up starting my very own fan fic site, it’s had over 5000 members and majority of them have written something. It’s like its own little community.

Another awesome reason to delve into fan fics is you can write any length, one shots, chapters, completely outlandish stories and no one judges you for it. I know a lot of writers get judged for what they write and get published, with Fan fiction you don’t get that. Readers search for who they like and only read who they like. Even other books (Like harry potter, twilight, etc) have their own fan fiction and with the twilight, I think they’re better then the books.

Here’s the first chapter of a story I have (and haven’t finished yet) about Greg Sanders from CSI. I Love him *giggles*

Part 1

I sat on the curb with my head in my hands, my cold fingers gripping my long wavy hair in my hands. I could see the flashing the lights bounce off the ground and onto my closed eyelids but I didn’t dare open them. I didn’t want it to be true, it just couldn’t be real. I heard another car pull up among the racket of the reports screaming questions and the police whispering between them.

“Greg you talk to the witness, I’m going to go inside and have a look around” I heard an older man say. I sighed heavily knowing my thoughts were about to be interrupted. It didn’t take him long to reach me but I still didn’t want to look up and see who was standing over me.

“Um hey, my name’s Greg” I heard him say as he shuffled his feet on the grass. “I need to ask you a f....”

“Questions yeah I know” I mumbled into my hands as I ran them down over my face. I took a deep breath in and finally opened my eyes seeing camera bulbs flashing and the dark ground under me. I turned my head to the side and looked up to see a gorgeous man beside me. I swallowed hard as he bobbed down beside me and gave me a sweet cheeky smile.

“I know you probably don’t want to do this right now but...”

“Yeah I get it I know, what do you want to know?” I asked sounding more irritated then I wanted to.

“Well um, what happened would be a great start” he asked with a nervous chuckle. I nodded my head and wrapped the blanket that was around me tighter around my shoulders.

“Um I don’t know. I woke up, went downstairs for a glass of water, tripped over something so I turned the lights on and saw her laying there” I stopped for a moment as the image of her body came back to me and my voice hitched in my throat. I fought back fresh tears as I took a deep breath in and continued. “I bent down to check out if she was alive but I knew that if she had lost that much blood there’d be no chance. Then I heard something crash in the closet behind me. I went to run slipped over in...In her... in her blood and that’s when he came out. I screamed, somehow made it into the kitchen grabbed a knife but by the time I had he was gone. I ran to the phone, dialled 911 and then he came out of nowhere. I don’t really remember what happened next, it was all over the place. I know I got him with the knife. I don’t know how bad it was but he ran and then the police showed up about 15 minutes later I think, I assume. I don’t know” I finished with a shrug. Greg gave me another smile and finished taking his notes before stopping and looking me over.

“Don’t worry, we’ll catch who did this” He told me reassuringly. I nodded my head before hugging my knees as his supervisor walked out and called him over. I could hear them mumbling together about what was inside and a cold shiver ran through me. Actually saying it had made it all the more real of a sudden, I really didn’t like the feeling that was bubbling inside my stomach. I felt him come back over to me and bob down now with a concerned look on his face.

“Are you feeling alright?” he asked placing his gloved hand on my blanket covered shoulder. I gave him a look with a raised eyebrow before hanging my head against my knees.

“Would you feel alright if you found your sister laying dead on the floor then fall over in her blood and had to sit in the clothes still soaked it?” I asked snapping at him a little again and immediately feeling guilty for it.

“Sorry” He mumbled as my stomach rumbled. I could feel the bile burn inside me I just refused to let it come up. “I gotta take you to the hospital and to get you checked out. It looks like you’ve been stabbed with the knife as well.” He said as I looked at him with a confused look. He moved the blanket away from my shoulder letting the cool night air wash over my bare skin. I looked down and saw the blood that I thought was my sisters but realised that it was coming from a cut in my skin.

“Whoa, I don’t even feel that” I said staring at it. I heard Greg chuckle at me before helping me up off the ground as I continued to stare at the cut, fascinated by the blood that slowly seeped from my shoulder. Greg helped me into the car and got a patch from the paramedics before jumping in the driver’s seat. I held the patch on my shoulder as I looked up and saw the house and flashing lights start to get smaller and smaller in the window before completely disappearing all together. In my head it became silent like there was nothing in there before my eyes started to cloud over. I could feel the reality of things slipping away as I fell into some sort of sleep. I really hoped that when I woke up that this would all be a bad dream.


Hm, very interesting Sherry. I must admit l had never heard of fan fiction before and was terrified when I saw that I was going to have to write it! I confess to not having the slightest bit of interest in celebrities (sorry!) but like everyone else, I have had my share of crushes. The sort of men I go for tend to be geeky, I’m really into intelligent, funny men who are skinny (mostly) and not too pretty!
Still, I’ll try anything once!:

‘Once upon a time in the eighties, Stephen Patrick Morrissey had just left the stage. Impatient shouts of ‘more!’ were echoing through his head and sending his ears numb.
“We need to get back out there.” said Johnny Marr looking anxiously across at his exhausted friend.
“You go,” said Morrissey, “Play them an instrumental.”
Johnny knew there was no point in arguing with Morrissey in this mood. He took to the stage with the rest of the band and gave the crowd a part of what they wanted.
Morrissey had something else on his mind and headed back to the dressing room to shower. Afterwards he looked once again at the crumpled note with HER phone number on it. ‘Just another fan,’ he thought, and yet this one had seemed different somehow. He took out his phone and rang her.
“I knew you’d call” Her voice was calm, “come on over, I’m in the hotel opposite you, room 110.”
She hung up. Morrissey could not believe this girl. Oh sure, they all threw themselves at him, but to hang up assuming he would go to see her?
He found his jacket, crossed the road and took the lift up to room 110.
She opened the door wearing a leather basque and high stilettos.
“I think l should warn you that I’m celibate.” said Morrissey.
“I know,” she purred, “I’m not looking for sex.”
“Oh…ok.” He replied, going into the room and shutting the door behind them.
“Take your shirt off and sit on the bed…please” her tone was still calm.
Morrissey did as he was asked (Hey it’s my daydream!) then he lay back hoping for a massage and a cup of tea.
He heard the sound of a riding crop being swished through the air and thought about leaving until it made contact with the stretched denim covering his ass.
“Oh”, he said, “That’s different.”
“I think I need you to take your jeans off now.” She said stroking his firm buttocks. ”You have been a really bad boy…”


LOLZ I love your first attempt at fan fiction darling!! It’s awesome. I say everyone to give it a go, let your fantasies come to life so to speak. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be what you want and what comes out of your mind. If things won’t happen in real like, you can at least put them on paper. It’s the next best thing *winks*

If you're interested in knowing more about Gemma or Sherry, you can find these ladies at their homes on the web below:

Twitter: @SherryTooker




  1. Ooooh nicely done ladies!! I'm not personally in to fan fiction but it can lead to some good alternate stories!!

  2. Well done ladies, that was "fan"tastic *giggles*
    Loved the stories. I would have to admit that I have never really read fan fiction but I think now I had better *wink*

  3. Well done ladies. I love fanfic! When I saw this topic I kind of wished I could be part of it so bare with me a moment.

    This has been a heavy topic in the m/m romance world. Unfortunately, one writer who's seen huge success with his book has been bashed because people thought he plagiarized the gay movie Shelter. One of the comments was its not that great of a book and was most likely overdone fanfic. There have been other instances of people bashing fanfiction for one reason or another but the bottom line is, like it or hate it, it's where a lot of writers, not the majority, but a large number of them got their start.

    I started writing in my mid to late teens and wrote stories about my favorite band without even knowing it was fanfic and actually, wasn't aware of such a thing until my mid twenties. However, I didn't delve into it until my 30's; only then did I start writing my own. It gave me confidence to write my stories and let other people see them because before I joined a fanfic community, I was scared of showing my work to anyone.

    Of course being part of Erotica Writers helped as well but the comments and critiques from the fanfic community gave me the cahonnies to publish.

    And now here I am. Still learning, building an audience and I'm no longer scared. Seeing my old work makes me cringe but one day I'll go back and rewrite. (Yeah sure, I'm dreaming there.) I also run my own Duran FF blog and still write fics for my closest FF buddies for the holidays and their birthday's. In the Duran fanfic community, I've built some friendships that hopefully will last a lifetime. They've supported me just as much as the friends I have here at home to do what I can in writing.

    All in all, if it weren't for fan fiction, BL, Michael, and Rawiya might have been trapped in the warped mind of Sharita Lira without an opportunity to come out. Those who have started in FF whether it Real Person or TV Show, movie, etc, have made an impact on the writing world and unfortunately, a lot of people are envious of the talent that's come from that. Whether its Twilight, Supernatural, or Duran Duran, its's perfectly fine to be inspired by something or someone. As long as you're not infringing on copyrights, it's fine and fair game.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment. I had to say my piece.

    Nice post ladies!

  4. Oh darling i think I just fell in love with you HAHAHAH

    thanks guys!!!

  5. Thank you for the comments, it was great fun to do!