New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Some Sexy Steampunk for Your Holiday by Kiki Howell

My latest release with Naughty Nights Press is quite a mix of genres, from steampunk set in Victorian England, to steamy erotic romance, to paranormal creatures such as witches and vampires, all with touches of social unrest and dark suspense, set against the backdrop of Valentine’s Day. So sex magick spells and bloodlust along with lace papers and robots *giggles* I do really love the steampunk genre myself. And I had a lot of fun researching not only steampunk inventions, but also Valentine’s Day in Victorian England when the cards were all written by hand, poem from loving to risqué actually. And decorating these sentiments was sometimes so elaborate that they were given in gift boxes. But, the most fun was adding in the sex magick to power the inventions – a whole new kind of steam, if you know what I mean *winks*

A bit beyond my original research for this story I found some fun things online too. So, I wanted to share them, from the sweet to the steamy, to add a bit of steam to your holiday too.

First, a steampunk Valentine’s Day Card that you can download and print out for free.

Next, you can get lost on Etsy shopping for some steampunk jewelry for your sweetheart, or, uh… a new set of cuffs *blushes*
Here's the link for the full search. Have fun!

Last, and this is where we really get going with the steam, how about shopping for some steampunk lingerie. I know which ones I want this year *smiles*

Oh My! Should I splurge? Don't know if I can resist those boots!
Check out the whole collection :)

Or, check out my story, Love, Creativity & Magick, A Steampunk Valentine’s Day Tale 

All acts of magick take on shades of gray in the end, especially for Emma, one of four females witches who by birthright belong in the social circles of the privileged upper ten thousand in London. Yet, by rumor of the unknown and the misunderstood, she stands apart, cut by her peers along with her cousins, because they hold a secret—each is gifted with magick.

Their elders had taught them respect for their powers even when mixed with a spanking amount of fanciful mischief. On the other hand, if a lesson was warranted, then white verses black magick could be hard to define. Nowhere was the color of steam more evident than in the matters of justice, a slippery term to define. Yet, they’d made breaking the laws of society their mission. Most of their nights at parties and balls were spent creating a magickal comedy of errors, helping the uptight aristocracy side step their fastidious standards.

Only this year, days before Valentine’s Day, a damnable day for women without suitors, Emma is not quite sure what is happening to her. Something dark and seductive, something not of this world, is luring her, possessing her, and she has no comprehension of what or who the presence really is. But, when he does show his face finally, and she feels him to be a nightwalker, she must fear not only the threat he poses to her blood and to the energy or magick he can suck from her, but also the danger he poses to her heart. After all of these days feeling him, wanting him, she has to wonder if her feelings are just a matter of his compulsion, if she is under this vampire's own type of magick.

To complicate matters further, the vampire’s propositions are as exciting as they are scandalous, to teach her how to power her magick with the overabundance of sexual energy she bears. But, how he knows such things he remains elusive about. And there is the added attraction that this vampire was a failed inventor in life, one with a basement full of contraptions she finds she can power through the use of her sexual energy. Valentine’s Day seems like it could be all kinds of fun this year now.

Yet, in these days of social unrest and out-of-control creativity, what is a witch to do with a vampire? When Valentine’s Day rolls around, and a secret is revealed, what will be left for her?

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