New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Interview with John Simpson and a chance to win his newest book Pain and Revenge

For our first author interview of 2012, I would like to welcome today to Naughty Nights Press blog, the ever so wicked and stylish JOHN SIMPSON who is releasing his first book through Naughty Nights Press called PAIN AND REVENGE.

Now don’t forget readers after you have read the interview and the amazingly “HoT” excerpt at the end and leave a comment along with your email address, you might just win yourself a copy of PAIN AND REVENGE.

Winner will be chosen through and announced on here January 22nd 2012 with an e-mail sent to the winner.

Good luck everyone and enjoy learning more about John Simpson.

Pain and Revenge is available at the following e-book stockists.

John it is very lovely to have you hear with us today. I hope you have enjoyed your holiday season. A little birdie has told me you have been gallivanting around the seven seas. Did it give you lots of inspiration for more stories?

 First, thank you for having me here among some of the best authors in the business. You're birdie was correct. First it was off to the Caribbean for 12 nights in December this month, and in January, roundtrip from New York to Southampton England on the Queen Mary II and return on the Queen Elizabeth. On this past cruise I just finished, I wrote two novellas while on board as I do every cruise. My schedule is to work from the time I get up until noon or one and then quit for the day. I find watching the water rushing by the ship to be very relaxing and conducive to good imagination. I always get a balcony cabin for that reason.

While I am on the subject, how did you get the inspiration for PAIN AND REVENGE and did you have to do a lot of research for it?

I pulled much of the information for the story from personal knowledge on the war that never ends. If the day comes that there are no hot wars anywhere, there will always be a war between the U.S.A. and the former Soviet Union and China. Having been stationed in England myself, I was able to retell much of the details from my own memory. There are in fact, spanking clubs in a certain section of London that caters to all men. I've also visited the same type of facilities in Berlin Germany late last year.

What can people expect from PAIN AND REVENGE?

Readers can expect a wild ride depicting the worlds of spy craft, BDSM, and ultimate victory for one side. Of course that means the other side looses badly. Along with sex, there is also a certain level of violence that is pertinent to the story but I tried where possible to tell the story while not revealing all of the violence that really took place. The reader will get a peek into a work, few have been able to enter and survive.

Can you envision a sequel to PAIN AND REVENGE and if so,  do you think we would be seeing it soon or if not, why not?

It is not impossible that a sequel may appear in the future, but will be set in a different capitol in Europe. As with all sequels, it also depends on how well the first entry in the series is welcomed by the reading public. I certainly have no end to the number of stories that can be told that follow a certain dynamic that the now Russian GRU likes to play in. The GRU is really the successor to the KGB.

We all have little quirks when we are writing stories, what are yours?

I mainly write between the hours of midnight and three a.m. in the morning. It is the time my brain is the most active and productive and is no doubt a holdover from the days of being a uniform cop when I worked mostly the midnight shift. When I wrote "Irish Winter," I listened to a lot of Irish music through my headphones that kept me in the mood to tell the story almost as if I were an Irishman myself. Sometimes I like to visit a place that will figure in a book I'm writing which I did when writing, "Undefeated Love." For that book, I flew to Germany, toured the headquarters museum of the SS and paid my respects at the former concentration camp, Sachsenhausen which is located outside of Berlin. I was able to get a feel for what it was like and listened for the souls of the tortured to speak to me before I put pen to paper as it were.

Have you got any books coming out soon either with Naughty Nights Press or another publisher and if you do can you share them with us?

I have "The Rent Boy Murders," on the 19th of December, "Pain and Revenge" in January from NNP, "The Beach House," from Dreamspinner Press, "Night Patrol," from Silver Publishing, "The Frat House," from Silver Publishing, and "The Hard Streets," from an unknown publisher at this time. I have two full novels on the drawing boards and will begin on the first one at the end of January which will be the fourth in "Murder Most Gay," series.

When you first started writing were you ever given any advice by someone you admire that you now automatically put into action each time you write?

No, I knew no one who was even peripherally involved in the task of authoring books and stories. I therefore winged it on my own until a certain publisher took me under their collective wing and gave critical advice at key times.

As a writer, we all set some type of goals, what are yours and have you surpassed them or still getting there with them?

My goal as a writer is to write a book that is capable of being considered exceptional in an artistic sense as in the art of writing. The "Great American Novel," is within me for I feel it sometimes as the pages turn. But bringing it to the surface is another matter. I was on track with a couple of my books, but was blown off the path by the winds of chance.

Thank you for being here with us at Naughty Nights Press John, I love chatting to our new authors.  But before you go is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thank you with all my heart for having me with you. Let me say just one thing to the readers: On my webpage, there is a contact page that comes to me. If you read a story of mine and it either moves you or makes you sorry that you bought it, it's important for me to hear that. To grow as an author, I must hear from the public who buy these books. Let your feelings, good or bad be known to me. Having said that, it is my fervent hope that you will never be disappointed by a book written by John Simpson.

Contact John Simpson at his website: .

Pain and Revenge
John Simpson
Word Count: 15,767

Rookie CIA agent James Elliot is sent to his first assignment in London, where he finds out that not only does the CIA know that he's gay, but that he's been brought in on an assignment precisely for that reason. James is thrown into a situation where he must seduce a Russian GRU Agent and find out what he's doing in England.

Warning: male/male forced sex scene that is intricate to the plot. Also spankings are the sadistic Russians specialty and the question is, "Can James Elliot hold out to finish the job?" The novella reaches a satisfactory conclusion as the answer to the question.

Excerpt from Pain and Revenge - John Simpson

I was just about to begin to fill him in on his assignment, shall I proceed?" Severs asked.
"Yes, by all means."
A photograph took up the entire screen at the other end of the table.
"This is Gregor Malakoff. He's just been brought in to the Russian Embassy as a "general trade," mission member but his real job is GRU, or the Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye also known as Russian military intelligence. As you know, the GRU is Russia's largest intelligence agency which also controls their "Spetsnaz," or Special Forces.
Here's what we have on him personally: He is 5'11, 190 pounds of solid muscle. He works out four times a week and is deadly when it comes to marshal arts. Brown hair, blue eyes. One more thing, he's gay. He has a preference for males of a slighter build, blond hair, blue eyes, on the submissive side, shorter or as tall as him but no taller, and between 145 pounds and 200. Oh, and he likes his men hung and preferably into leather type bedroom activities."
"And you're telling me all this detail, why?"
"Elliot, we know as the agency knows that you are gay. You have blond hair, blue eyes, are 5'10, 185, fairly well built. The only thing the agency doesn't know is if you're hung or not. Are you?"
"Am I what? Hung? Are you kidding me? You want me to go after this Malakoff sexually?"
"Are you hung?"
"Yes damnit! What if I weren't? Would that exclude me from this madness?"
"No, you would just have to try harder in other areas. Sorry to get so personal James, really am. However, it's vital that you become a honey pot for this man."
"A what?"
"It's an old expression in the spy business. Both sides would use good looking women who were agents to get next to their targets and suck information out of them as it were. This is the same principle using the male gender."
"Yeah, I understand. Only it won't be just information that I'll be forced to suck out of this dude."
"It's for the flag James, the women had to do the same thing and more."
"Why is this guy so important?"
"We need to find out why the GRU has sent a man here to London of all places. It's not the usual location for this type of agent. Your job is to find out how long he's going to be here, and why. You'll wanna get invited back to his flat since he doesn't stay at the Embassy, and find out what he has there. Your cover will be what it is. You're an accountant for an American company that imports both English and Scottish products to the states. It's all in your briefing file, including the bars this guy likes to hang out in."
"You'll be given the latest in listening devices so that we should be able to monitor you wherever you go and whatever you do."
"Wonderful. You said he was into leather stuff, like what?" James asked.
"He likes to frequent bars that engage in spanking and whips. London has about five such bars and he has his favorites."
"Oh my God! You mean to tell me that since I'm supposed to be submissive that this guy is going to be beating my ass on top of everything else?"
"It may come to that, yes I'm afraid."
"You're afraid? It won't be your ass or back that feels the beating. Damn!"

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