New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Recently I brought you a taste of highly erotic clubs where all things kinky are on the menu. Imagine taking your Sub to a specialized club where you can choose whether others can flog them at will or perhaps engage in some very open group sex? Perhaps you simply want to show him or her off as you hold the collar and leash tightly. Then again, as in my latest and rocket selling piece, Game Over shows you, there are sex clubs in which the audience members become a part of the show. Fantasies are chosen and very special guests selected to be played out on stage sometimes with their lovers and sometimes with actors.

Yes, they are designed to be safe and that’s why membership is generally exclusive. These acts can range from simple performance of ménage to something a bit kinkier like BDSM. No matter what is selected, the entire audience seems to enjoy and everyone is a participant whether being a voyeur or an active player.

But what if the clubs are even more exclusive with fewer members and the acts performed are not necessarily enjoyed by Sub or in this case, the slave? Generally these clubs are exclusive in nature with few members and the activities are held behind closed doors in private residences and highly secretive. Some clubs cater to more vanilla aspects of sharing and group sex while others truly enter into the dark side where the slave performs in many different methods. From pleasing the host performing oral sex to shared slaves giving the patrons a kinky show engaging in acts of ménage, punishment and BDSM – there are different flavors for each group. In certain establishments being invited to join is highly revered and the slave is groomed for the particular game at hand.

I want to make sure in writing this fairly dark piece that you as a reader understand that the majority of contracts established in Dom/sub relationships are negotiated and involve trust and love and the joy of sharing a lifestyle or playtime together. TRUST – notice I use that word over and over again. It’s important for you to understand. This also isn’t about exploitation of children in ANY way. I refuse to engage in even minor conversations about this horrid behavior.

BUT – there are still situations in which those that long to engage in the lifestyle get in over their heads and their masters take their pleasure to a bit of a darker side. Sometimes the sub simply doesn’t know how to get out of the situation and they truly love their masters so they endure being shared. Is this exploitation? Some might say no as they allowed themselves to enter into this type of contract. I say yes at least in some relationships but I’m not here to judge.

Certainly if you are considering entering into a lifestyle where clubs are participated in, both the Dom and Sub must talk about what’s involved. If you both agree then enjoy. If one party doesn’t agree, then what does that tell you?

In my latest penned release, I’ve given you a taste of a two tortured men whose pasts haunt them even after a decade. It’s how these two lovers come together and work to rid their demons that I hope will grab your heart. I’m giving you scene – a memory of my hero, Razer Willis who used to be owned by a cruel master. Remember, this is simply fiction but should give you a taste of what’s out there.


“I like this one, Tim. He’s beautiful. Can I take a taste?” He hissed as he pulsed a finger down Razer’s back.
Razer fought screaming as he lowered his head as required, as he’d been taught. He stared up at his master who held the chain tightly, jerking his head up.
“Perhaps. For a price, Joel.” Tim cooed and yanked the chain again. “You eye your visitors, slut. Do you understand?”
“Yes, master,” Razer breathed.
“You need to tame this one I see, “ Joel chuckled as he stepped back, glancing down at the Razer. “Are you sure you don’t need help with this beautiful specimen of a love fuck?”
Tim inhaled and entwined his fingers in Razer’s hair. “Not yet. I’m having way too much fun showing him off and toying with him. He’s going to the ranch next week.”
Razer’s ears perked up. He shivered knowing exactly what that meant. So many went to the ranch to be trained as a dog and so many didn’t return. Suddenly the dog collar seemed tight around his neck. Closing his eyes, he controlled his breathing as he always did during times of punishment. It was the only way he could survive the torture.
“Well, if you’re sending him to the ranch then it must mean this beautiful creature is worth more than I thought. I’ll give you two thousand dollars for one night before he goes,” Joel said as he sucked in his breath.
Leaning over slowly, Tim pressed a single finger into the man’s chest. “And what will you give me after his return?”
Razer heard the words but went inside the special place that kept him sane. Fighting the shakes that always garnered additional strikes of the whip, he swallowed hard and remained still.
Joel smiled and knelt down. “May I touch?”
“Certainly,” Tim stroked Razer slowly, his hand grazing down the length of Razer’s back.
Joel cocked his head and reached out, lifting Razer’s chin with a finger. “You have incredible eyes. My God you’re gorgeous. I bet you’re a damn good fuck. Lift him if you will.”
“Certainly. Up, pet.” Tim wrapped his hand around the chain and pulled Razer to his knees. “Show the man your wears.”
Razer shook and clenched his fist closed as the man called Joel cooed and grazed his hand down Razer’s chest slowly, finally cupping his cock and balls. He winced and bit back a moan as Joel squeezed hard. He was not to speak no matter what.
“Very nice. He’s thick and long and you’ve done well with him so far. I love seeing the cock ring on him. Very sexy. If he comes out better than he goes in then I’ll give you ten thousand for one night upon his return.”
“Deal,” Tim growled.
“Not so fast!” Joel held up a finger as he rose from the floor. He sniffed and turned his hungry gaze toward Tim. “As long as I get to have him my way.”
Razer blinked furiously. Everyone on the circuit knew what Joel enjoyed and as his heart skipped, he knew he was going to break free of his imprisonment before that would ever happen.
Tim sighed and allowed Razer to slide down on all fours. “Very well but he is not to be harmed permanently.”
Joel snickered and pulsed his finger inside his mouth as he stared down at Razer. “Very well.” As he sauntered away, he glanced back once, blowing a kiss.
“Very good, my pet. You’re coming up in the world. I’ll make sure you have a few more scraps of goodies tonight.”

“No!” Razer fought hard, striking out into the darkness, his heart racing. Unable to breathe, he clasped a hand over his heart and moaned, almost falling out of bed. While he knew where he was, the visions, the memories kept him from understanding what was around him. Flashes of light marred his vision as echoes of his screams filtered into his ears.
“Shit! Razer. I got you. It’s okay.”
“What? No! NO!” Razer fought with his captor, scrambling to get out of his reach. “Please don’t! No. No! I’ll be good!”
“Razer, it’s Blake. Blake. Blake,” Blake whispered softly as he held Razer, forcing him to stop moving. Using every bit of strength he had, he forced him to stay on the bed as they both panted.
“No…no…I…I…” Razer lolled his head and sucked in his breath. He knew Blake was holding him and that the damning vision was just that but as he gulped air, he struggled to calm his breathing. “I’m…okay…I’m…”
“Just shut up and let me hold you,” Blake breathed.
Razer dropped his head and sighed. “Why now?”
Blake eased back and took Razer’s hand. “Because it’s time to let go.” As he took Razer’s head into his hands and pressed a kiss across his lips, he whispered softly, “and you’re ready to let go. One of the reasons that you can’t love me, Razer is that I don’t want to be anybody’s Dom and you need that in your life. Whether you choose to admit it after what Tim did to you or not, it’s true. I think finding the right one is the only way you’re ever going to heal.”

I know – it’s haunting and edgy but I assure you that demons are dealt with. I hope it gives you some thoughts about the lifestyle and a realization that there are still dark sides of sex and exploitation.






  1. Great blog, as usual, Cass! And the excerpt was very intense. You might want to add PTSD to the labels!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. You know how wicked I can be and enjoy every minute of it!

  3. What a great excerpt!

    Looking forward to it!