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New Release Titles
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Thursday, June 16, 2011



How far would you go to enjoy a club and one wild night?

Could you handle taking your lover in the tiny little bathroom where all the customers might be able to see you as you fall to your knees and suckle him right in the middle of the crowded restaurant?

Would you consider fondling him under the table or perhaps sitting on his lap as his cock grows underneath you?

Would you consider even allowing him to touch or taste even a mysterious partner– if you had both agreed that’s what you wanted to do?

Could you perhaps enjoy the company of a stranger and enjoy a threesome or more and maybe your hunky man is simply watching you, not joining in. Imagine his look as he gazes across your heated body as you are ravaged by three hot and hard studs. Could you handle that? Do you crave it? Mmmm…

We’ve probably all heard about swingers clubs where you can find and taste members that have joined. Generally these are located in a home and the participants are invited to join. Most have rules and some only cater to simple m/f couplings while others allow everything from group sex to a little BDSM. The group is clean and everyone shares in the level of kink and intimacy.

There are other real clubs and ones that operate legally. These are private clubs where you can find almost anything that you want including multiple partners, group sex, rooms that cater to discipline and bondage, sex machines and punishment benches.

They have rooms that will allow you to explore every kind of fetish including dressing up, cage training and certain levels of worship. Have you ever wanted to select a masked hunk and have him pleasure you for hours? Have you thought about whipping a stranger because his or her master told you to? There are areas where voyeurs have their special place where they can drink and mingle and watch every one of the sex acts like a spectacular bit of Technicolor, never having to engage but trust me, they are more than enjoying the moments of ecstasy.

These clubs are well maintained, by personal invitation only and for singles or couples that truly long to play out every fantasy – these are the hot spots to be. Many of these establishments are dom/sub related, as doms do love showing off their little subbies.
Sometimes your master will allow another dom to be pleasured by you or perhaps request a series of disciplinary actions. These erotic places even supply the floggers, condoms and leather tie downs. Now just imagine how hot it’s going to be.

There are other even more specialized clubs that give you a naughty show. Imagine watching a threesome or more engaging in every carnal act right on the stage as you watch, savoring a tall glass of wine. Perhaps your get to decided on what the next act will be or even better, what if certain audience members were selected to participate in the next act on stage? This happens and accepted fantasies are highly sought after and desired. Everything is very safe and clean and you are allowed to enjoy anything and everything you might hunger for.

In my June release, Game Over – I have such a club as a highlight, allowing an adventure for two male lovers that have lost their verve.

The darkened bar roared as the lights encapsulated the entire room, sending electric jolts of neon lights sparkling back and forth.

“Shit! This is incredible,” Caelen said, tapping his foot.

“I think you are more than ready. What are you looking for tonight? Perhaps a tasty treat of bondage? A slice of a flogger?” the announcer cooed, his husky voice reverberating throughout the room.

Raucous cheers and whistles sparkled as the music picked up in fervency, the dark strains emitting an ominous tone.

“Dear God, I’m so fucking turned on right now…whew.” Caelen gulped his drink and inched forward.

“Well, for our first lovely show tonight I have a festival of treats and all of the dark and dangerous variety,” the announcer continued, coming into the shimmering light. “May I present to you…her punishment.”

The lights went out completely, quieting the entire room. The music continued it’s eerie strains, the guitar licks become harder and faster, intensifying the anticipation. Emotions ran high as a single red light shined across the stage, illuminating a sexy blond wearing a mere slip of lace sitting on the edge of a bed, tied and gagged. As the lights lifted, she struggled with her tight bindings, moaning.

“What the…is that real?” Caelen whispered, gulping his drink.

Tony reclined against him. “It’s fantasy. Watch lover.”

Caelen nodded and finished his drink, setting the glass down with a thud.
Just then two masked men entered the stage. Both brawny, they sauntered to the girl, each swinging an instrument of discipline.

“Shit man, those are two hot hunks,” Caelen sighed.

Tony eyed the men wearing nothing more than tight leather pants that showcased the thick bulges between their legs and felt his dick grow hard. Damn, he was horny. He eyed Drake and lifted his glass. This was a night for over indulgence of every proclivity.

“Tonight enjoy Taylor and Tyler as they take the lovely Miss Cassidy into a heightened stage of rapture. Taylor?”

The blond stepped forward, nodding to the crowd. Tipping his head back, he roared as he lifted the whip, swinging it around the room.
The crowd screamed as several customers jumped to their feet.
Taylor slammed the end of the leather strand down onto the stage.

“Shit!” Caelen jumped.

“Wouldn’t you enjoy a taste of the whip?” Tony asked, running his finger down the length of Caelen’s forearm.

“I…don’t know.”

“Tyler?” the announcer asked.

Tyler howled as he showed the audience the red and black cattails, groaning savagely as he tossed the weapon of discipline back and forth between each hand. Preening, his muscles stretched the tight confines of the supple material. Tossing his long hair up and down in dramatic sweeping motions, he growled and eyed every single person in the front row giving each a lascivious grin.

“I think our boy may be looking for a volunteer,” the announcer’s voice was laced with a dangerous tone.

“Fuck no,” Caelen hissed.

“I think that sounds like a wonderful idea,” Tony whispered.

The hulk of a man paced back and forth as the audience cheered.

“Pick me!”

“Beat me!”

“Whew, his is nuts!” Caelen said loudly.

Grunting, he heard the loud yell and turned, stalking toward their table. Catching Caelen’s famished gaze, Tyler grinned, sucked his lips for effect and moved forward, tipping his head as he bent to his knees.

“Fuck…me,” Caelen breathed.

“Seems like he’s found a willing participant,” the announcer rumbled.

“Spank him! Spank him! Spank him!”

Tony glanced around at the jazzed audience, taken aback. These people were serious. Whew!

Tyler toyed with Caelen, slicing the flogger down the length of his chest, tickling his groin as he licked his lips.

“I think he wants you,” Tony whispered in his ear, his breath catching.
Caelen shivered.

“Stand,” Tyler demanded.

“What?” Caelen blinked furiously.

“Yes! Do it!” the crowd roared.

“Stand. Now!”

Caelen swallowed hard and glanced at Tony, opening and closing his mouth.
“I would follow his instructions if I were you,” Tony hissed, eyeing the stunning mocha skinned man.

The crowd seemed to be holding their breath and the instant that Caelen stood, they cheered, chanting over and over again.
“Go! Go! Go!”

Tyler jumped off the platform and stood over him, gazing down from his face to his chest and finally settling on his crotch. Grazing the flogger from his chest down to his balls, he pulsed the instrument of pain across his growing bulge and breathed in his scent.

Every move highly exaggerated, Tyler growled like a caged animal and smiled, his eyes narrowing into mere slits. “Bend over the table.”

What do you think? Could and would you allow you and your partner to take a tumble into such a wicked adventure? I think perhaps you could…if you dare to take the plunge.

Kisses xxx

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  1. Hmmm. For now, Cass, I think I'm happy to just live vicariously through your characters on their visits to the clubs (and to write about the fun my Masters and their subbies have at my the Masters at Arms sex club)!

    But...maybe some day.