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New Release Titles
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Monday, May 30, 2011


Cassandre Dayne

For any of us that have tried and enjoyed sexual toys whether for our personal pleasure while we’re all alone, relishing in a wonderful fantasy or perhaps it’s something that you’ve ordered for the love of your life, the taste and treat can be delicious. Couple that with sharing a brand new kinky experience with your partner and it’s a wonderful moment of passion that can ignite or rekindle your passions all over again. Whether you’ve indulged in a simple vibrator and ass plugs or decided to have a bit tastier and heavier flavor of delving into the darker side of kinky and ordered a flogger or nipple clamps, allowing yourself a slice of a different level of ecstasy is a wonderful freeing experience.

I think we are all into spicing up our sex life and there are many ways to do it from a ménage to slave play – which I’ll give you a taste of in another post. Today – let’s talk about some different toys and perhaps ones that you haven’t tried.

If you haven’t felt uninhibited enough to purchase and use a toy, you’re not alone and don’t feel as if you’ve missed out as many people don’t feel they need any sexual aid in their relationships. It’s your personal choice. If you do care to indulge, there are many reputable companies that offer the highest quality toys, apparel and lubricants that can be enjoyed as first timers or the highly experienced users. It’s up to you to enjoy and to play. Of course most cities offer instant gratification with secluded stores, but I find that ordering on line secures privacy as hot men from delivery services bring you goodies in plain brown wrapping.

Yes, you can say that as a writer I’ve had to indulge in trying out a few naughty items. Why, to be able to write about them well of course! In truth, research has been a wonderful new addition to my little treasure chest of pleasures.

There are many sexual toys that some of us consider rather vanilla as in they are safe and there is really no worry of hurting your partner, only pleasuring. They are tried and true and in truth there is not necessarily anything exciting about them. There are other toys, but of a more serious nature, that could inflict not only serious pain but cause a level of harm to your body if you don’t know what you’re doing. They are a touch dangerous and as such create a level of excitement that induces a racing pulse, a trickle of fear. Can you handle the heat?

The Violent Wand is a modern electrical device used for the application of low current, high voltage and high frequency electricity to the body. It can be used for simple methods of pleasure in ways that you have never experienced before and it is often used as a method of control or discipline. It produces a tremendous amount of sexual stimulation and can be used on nearly every location of the body.

How does it work? It creates a shock sensation when there is a gap between the electrode or the attachment and the body. It provides a wide range of physical sensations and some uses include temporary or permanent branding of the skin for Body modification, electrically charged impact with paddles or other conductive implements, electrified tough or massage. Generally the package includes a wand made of plastic, which houses the high voltage transformer. It’s usually made of tempered glass which is sealed and evacuated and backfilled with a noble gas, typically argon or neon. The look is very sensual and resembles neon starks or streamers. The bubble shaped smooth form allows for usage all over the body including the genitalia.

There are several techniques used including direct contact by using various accessories like electrodes made of glad or metal and other conductive accessories. Also indirect- the person holding the contact becomes electrifies to the touch and transfers the spark. When used in a controlled fashion, the recipient receives a level of pleasure that borders or utter ecstasy. It is however not something that I would suggest if you haven’t completed your research. There are online guides to correct use and I strongly recommend you understand what you are getting into before you decide to order one.

A sex swing is another way to bring a high level of play into the bedroom and beyond. Literally made of rope in a swing like setting, the sultry apparatus can be hung from steel bolts in the ceiling (some come with apparatuses as well to hold the swing) and the creation allows you to be able to strap your partner in various positions and enjoy penetration in an entirely different angle which provides for maximum pleasure. They generally have leather straps and harnesses which holds your lover in place and they are very reasonable in cost. They definitely add a kick in the bedroom. You can find these in several online sites and at your local sex shop.

Have you ever considered adding something like a sex machine to your little repertoire? Some of them are very expensive and offer many types of pleasure. Just what does it entail usually? In truth theses are designed as motorized stallions of pleasure and why to I say that? Because strap your lovely down on one of these and allow the single of multiple thick dildo take you to new heights of pleasure. You can adjust the speed, the pace and the frequency and then sit back as she has orgasm after orgasm. Imagine watching her face as she cums over and over again. And, this isn’t just for the girls either. You can certainly have your guy enjoy having his prostate tickled. These are designed as benches, horses, inflatables and everything in between. The cost range is generally from $300 on up.

There are also attachments that you can add to current household tools. One note of caution, I think you really need to do your research and make you are get what you are looking for and something that is made well.

That’s merely a sample of wonderful items that are out there and whether you have a basket of toys that you keep beside the bedside or prefer to keep them in your handy nightstand drawer, they can aid to a relationship and in my opinion – keep you hot and bothered. We’ll explore a few other toys at a later date. You can certainly google the internet if you have questions and places like Healthy and Active allow you to surf and see what you and your partner might enjoy.

Remember as always - dare to take the plunge…


  1. I fully enjoy using toys in the bedroom (or any room) and am definitely not scared to try new and exciting things

  2. I think a lot of folks are, but if you can try something just out of your comfort zone, i think it can be very sexy.

  3. As erotic writers, Brenda and I also do lots of research. We really like glass dildos since you can freeze one and stick another in hot water for a change of sensations during romance. Glass is a little more expensive but well worth it. Plus, they can be washed in the dishwasher to sanitize them.

  4. That's a good point Steve about keeping it clean. I agree with you. Nice to see that people are experimenting.

  5. Me want: The Violent Wand

  6. The sex toy at the top, the sybian, I would LOVE one of those but they are a little too expensive and hard to hide for my taste. I don't want to send my children to therapy if they found it under my bed. ;)