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New Release Titles
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Paranormal Erotic Romance Author Shiloh Darke Interviewed By Gina Kincade On Naughty Nights Press Blog

Shiloh Darke joins us on the Naughty Nights Press blog today to chat with Ms. Gina Kincade.

Ms. Darke will share with readers and followers a little about her naughty self and where to find her newest release "The Form Of Eternity", Book Three in The Order Of The Eternals Series and what it is all about!

Hi Shiloh! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to host an interview with you on Naughty Nights Press!It is so awesome to have you here!

1. Can you share a few “tid bits” about your self?

Oh where to start? I’m a happily married mother of two and my eldest is about to have a baby, so I am adapting to the idea of having my very first grandchild. What is a typical day like for you? I’m not sure I have what anyone would consider a typical day. I work in the nursing field (on the NIGHT SHIFT!). My family blames my love of vampires on the fact that I keep similar hours!

2. What “pet peeves” do you have if any?

Pet peeves . . . I am actually a pretty laid back, easy going person. I try not to judge people. I guess that is my biggest dislike. I don’t believe in people being hateful or judgemental to each other. It isn’t our place to judge. Live and let live. (my motto)

3. How long have you been writing?

I have always loved to tell stories. Even with the tried and true fairytales everyone knows by heart… I always find myself asking the question, what if??? So, actually the answer is I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen.

4. Do you write exclusively paranormal romance?

I have two writing personalities. Shiloh Darke writes Paranormal Erotic Romance. I recently finished a novel by the name of Awareness under my alternate pen name, Meridian Mycheals. Awareness is geared toward younger readers (teen and young adult), but it does also fall under the category of Paranormal. Awareness should be coming out within the next month or so, and is the premiere novel under the new pen name.

5. What inspires your stories?

So many different things inspire me. Life, dreams, fantasies, ideas . . . Sometimes, I may watch a movie and somewhere in the corner of my mind, I think, “Wow! What if this other thing happened instead of what actually did? That thought will end up sending me into a spinoff of various outcomes!

6. What was your goal for yourself as a writer when you started?

I just like to tell stories. I love to hear back from the people who read them. It makes my day when someone says, “I really loved that book! I had to read it again.

Did you meet or surpass it or did it change for you along the way?

It became an all-consuming thing for me! I’m always thrilled with how far I’ve gotten with my stories. I didn’t have any long term expectations. Truthfully, I never thought I would have the willpower to actually sit down long enough to write whole chapters at a time. I have severe A.D.D. (No medication, of course! I refuse!) I never can just write one story at a time! I always have two or three in the works.

7. How did you decide to write books in your specific genre?

I have a fascination with Dracula. Not the story of the terrible creature he was, but the deeper, almost untold love story between him and Mina (the one we romantic women find ourselves having fantasies about). He was driven by love and in many ways, even in his death, she was his salvation. Stories like that inspire me.

Was there anything that influenced your choice?

I love otherworldly ideas. To me, there is so much harsh reality in the world; in-your-face, and most of it cruel . . . I like to give my readers a really good fantasy/adventure to lose themselves in and just be able to forget their troubles for a few hours.

8. Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?

I follow my inspiration. Sometimes, I won’t write all week. Other times, I can’t seem to stop. It just depends, but I always keep my laptop close!

9. Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting?

It depends. In my Order of Eternals series, as the main story unfolds, there is usually at least one back drama, which is building up to the next book. I develop the characters as I go. The reader starts to become familiar with the next hero and wets their appetite for the next story to come as they delve deeper into the current book.

10. What is your writing process like? How long does it take you to finish a story from beginning to end?

I hate to admit it, but I’m not nearly fast enough! How long it takes me varies. It could probably be faster if I didn’t always have at least two or three ideas going at the same time. But my mind is everywhere and I have so many stories in my brain, I have to dedicate at least a little time to each of them!

11. Is writing your full-time job? If not, how and when do you find time to write?

I would LOVE to be able to dedicate ALL my time to writing. It is my favourite thing. But, no. I have a full time job. Do you really want to know how I schedule myself? LOL… okay… since I work nights, when I get home in the mornings, I see my son off to school, my husband off to work, and I try to dedicate at least two hours to my craft. Then, I usually go to sleep by about 9:30 or 10:00 a.m. Then I get up by about 4 p.m. Since my son doesn’t get home until about 5 p.m., that gives me another hour. After 6, I spend my time with family until I have to go back to the job. And don’t forget, I am a night owl, so I usually get a lot of writing done on my nights off after everyone else goes to bed.

12. Do you have other published works? If so please tell us about them!

Of course! There are two already published books in the Order of Eternals series. The Eternal, and Eternal Moon. Form of Eternity is the third, and just came out in late March.

To tell you about my Eternals… They are men and women who are chosen at some point in their mortal lives to become the protectors of mankind. They are all different. In The Eternal, Shameer is a Vampire.

In Eternal Moon, Darmetheus is a Werewolf. In Form of Eternity, the newest story, Keltan is a Native American Shape-shifter… There are also Eternals who are Wizards, but their stories aren’t ready yet . . .
Then there is my Beauty Stone Beast series. They are short stories about four brothers who are cursed to live as Gargoyles until true love finds them. Three of the four e-books are already available and the fourth should be coming soon. Magic’s Reflection is a stand-alone novel I did just for fun. I have also written a few more short stories. They aren’t anything serious; just short and sweet treats to whet a reader’s appetite.

13. How do we find your work?

Online! The first book in the Order of Eternals series is available in print; go through my publisher’s website. And of course, ALL of my titles are available in e-book format.

14. What do you love most about writing?

It is a wonderful way for me to relieve stress. Thank God, I have a big imagination. If I couldn’t write it down, I would be doomed!

15. Who are your current publishers?

My publisher is Gypsy Shadow Publishing. They are still somewhat new, but they have been going strong for over a year now and the editors really go out of their way to make my work shine! Best editors I have ever had the pleasure of working with! You can find their site at

16. What is your latest release and where can we find it?

Form of Eternity was out at the end of March. You can find it at my publisher’s site, as well as the Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Bookstrand, Omnilit, AllRomance and Amazon sites… There are more places, but those are the ones I think of first.

17. Where can your readers find you?

Google me! No, but seriously, I’m at, Facebook and for Meridian Mychaels, Twitter , my page at Gypsy Shadow , My page at Smashwords ,or you can always go to my very own site and drop me a line through my guestbook! Go to and check it all out! I also have a link on my author page where you can join my newsletter! While on my site, you can read excerpts from my stories to get a taste of my writing style!

Shiloh, thank you very much for sharing with us here today. I, for one, was not aware you wrote under another pseudonym so that was a shock really. But a good one!

I am sure readers can't wait to find out more about your paranormal YA writing under the name of Meridian Mycheals just as much as they want to know more about your erotic paranormal books!

Hmm, I wonder if Awareness won't be the next book both adults and teens alike fall in love with. Perhaps we are looking at another "Harry Potter" style of thrilling read hmmm!

Thanks so much for having me! I enjoyed it!

Shameer and his brother Colin never wanted to be heroes. Cursed by a witch, Shameer suffers the bloodlust that only vampires know. His brother suffers a similar, yet different fate. Inducted into a collective known to precious few as The Order of Eternals, they try to use their abilities to protect the innocent.

When he happens upon Jessica, Shameer experiences emotions he had long denied himself. Lost in her eyes, he yearns for a fate far different from the one he has accepted. Denying his heart and desires, he vows to walk away from her.

But evil watches from the shadows. It creeps ever nearer, waiting for it's chance to devour and destroy the brothers. Avenging itself on those they love. Soon, they discover themselves fighting not only to find freedom from an old enemy. But also, to hold on to the loves that they have deemed, their destiny. Excerpt

Darmetheus has been alive for a very long time. A Werewolf Eternal, he's seen it all. Or so he thinks. But when he takes what he thinks is going to be a vacation from the daily hassle of fighting EVIL, he winds up in the fight of his life.

Lilith is a sassy, beautiful brunette with a secret talent. A talent that makes her a walking target. She’s more than eye candy to these immortal villains and they’re willing to kill in order to possess her.

But this enemy is no stranger to him and he is torn. The rebel in him wants to just walk away and leave Lilith to her fate. The hero in him won’t let him. Or is that his heart?


About The Author: Shiloh Darke

Shiloh grew up in an average, mid-sized town in West Texas. As a child, she had a very hard time learning to read. Not only did it seem to her to be a waste of time; it was also hard for her to focus on the words. And let's just admit it . . . it was so much more fun to daydream of romantic adventures. As a kid, she was full of them! In fact, she could often spin a better story from the pictures in her storybooks than the authors themselves did.

When she was twelve years old, still reading at a second grade level, her mother fought her illiteracy by giving Shiloh her very first Harlequin romance. It took her a month to read the story, but reading it did the trick and flipped the switch for her. By the end of her fifth grade year, she was reading at a seventh grade level and anxious for the next book she could get.

Soon, Shiloh was reading any and every romantic book (translate that term as mostly romance novels) she could get her hands on. At the age of fifteen, she discovered Bram Stoker, whose work inspired the beginnings of her own written storytelling. She wanted to tell stories of love that surpassed time and broke through the barriers of life and death, but with touches of adventure and paranormal suspense as well.

She began writing short stories and poetry, all haunting tales of love between mortal and immortal souls. At eighteen, she started mapping out her ideas for The Order of Eternals. The result of her meticulous plotting and planning is a staggering list of novels her readers can anticipate with gusto, two of which are currently available in eBook format.

She lives with her own soul mate and her two children, along with their very own zoo (cats and dogs and elephantsCno wait! Scratch the elephants . . . but her daughter does have a python. Did we mention she also loves animals, in addition to reading and writing?). She enjoys reading everything from thrillers to mystery and paranormal romance to Gothic novels, as well as writing her own.

Shiloh loves to hear from her readers. Their responses to her writing are what motivates her to keep telling her stories. You can drop her an email at:
Or visit her website at . At the website, be sure to join her newsletter to get the latest information on upcoming stories.

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  1. Wonderful interview! Always looking forward for more.

  2. Thank you Gina for bring another extraordinary writer to our attention.
    Shilo thank you for sharing the information.
    I look forward to put you on my author's books I want to read when I have time list.
    Congratulations and good luck to you both on your continued success.
    *bites n kisses*

  3. Gina,
    Thank you so much for having me on your blog and Being such a great friend. I really appreciate the time you took to chat with me!

    Also, thank you ladies for your comments! I hope if you venture into the world of my Eternals, you find yourself enjoying them as much as I do!

    Hugs to all!