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New Release Titles
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Naughty Erotic Author Christy Parks Visits Naughty Nights Press blog!

We are honored to have the opportunity to interview Erotic Author Christy Parks on the Naughty Nights Press blog today!

Christy is the Author of "A Repeating Life"

It is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome Christy Parks, author of "A Repeating Life" to the Naughty Nights Press blog.

Hi Christy! Thank you for joining me here today! I am very excited learn all about you and your new book and to share it with our followers so lets get started!

Thanks for having me!

1. Can you share a few “interesting facts” about your self?

Oh, gosh. Well, one of the first things people find “interesting” is my nickname is The Lizard Lady. My nephews gave that name to me when they were just toddlers because of my collection of reptiles.

2. What is a typical day like for you?

Lol Typical? No such thing. Lol During the week I'm up at 6:30 to get the kids ready for school. Once they're all out the door by 7am, I walk the dogs, then it's straight to the laptop. Sadly enough, absolutely nothing of merit gets written until my second cup of coffee. But at least I try!

3. What “pet peeves” do you have if any?

About writing, or life? Lol My pet peeves about being an author is people don't realize how much blood, sweat, and tears we put into our craft. If I'm not working on one of my books, then I'm researching, training, marketing, get the picture. When someone calls and I say I'm working, you can hear the tone in their voice that says “yeah, working...riiiight.”
My pet peeve in life in general is ignorance. If you're going to hate someone have a really good reason for it.

4. What is the best book you read last month, and would you recommend it to a friend?

I actually read a few really good books last month, but I think my favorite was Spider Bite by Jennifer Estep. The sequel to that one is Web of Lies and it's just as good. I would absolutely recommend those two to my friends, but they aren't paranormal romance. They're urban fantasy, and while there's some relationships, they're far from romantic!

5. When did you realize you wanted to be an author?

Lol I have no idea. I learned to read before kindergarten, so I've always loved books. When I was in elementary school I was always winning something for my writing. Come junior high school I was writing short stories about New Kids on the Block. Yes, I had a thing for NKOTB and truth be told, still do!

6. How long have you been writing?

As long as I can remember. As soon as I learned to read I started writing my own stories. There's nothing better than creating your own world!

7. What was your goal for yourself as a writer when you started? Did you meet or surpass it or did it change for you along the way?

My goal as a kid was to be rich and famous and have dinner parties with Stephen King. Well, now as an adult, I just want someone to read my book and say 'Oh, my gosh. I love this book.' I just want to have my books in other people's hands and have them like my work.

8. Do you write exclusively naughty erotic romance?

Oh, no. While I love it, I also write urban fantasy, and at times, satirical short stories. But there's nothing better than a good naughty story!

9. How did you decide to write books in your specific genre? Was there anything that influenced your choice?

Stephen King. I don't know how that relates to my genre, really, but he's the one that made me want to write about the paranormal. His stories always reminded me of a written version of Alfred Hitchcock. I wanted to create my own little world where people cheered for the vampire, started sweating when he got his woman in the bedroom, and boo for the atypical good guy.

10. Do you have a ritual to get you ready to write? Something special you do to psyche you up?

Yep, I guess we all do. First of all, I have to have a cup of coffee nearby. For the first few minutes I leave the tv on, playing some stupid show I'd never normally watch like Real Housewives or something. Then, the tv either gets muted or turned off, and the music comes on. For the first half of my new book I was all over Beethoven. Now it's a mix of artists like Evanessence, Paramore, Chevelle, get the picture.
The first few attempts usually get deleted, kind of like I'm waiting for my fingers to catch up with my brain. But, eventually, I'm able to get some good stuff down, and the writing has begun.

11. What are the elements of a great erotic romance for you?

Realistic relationships, descriptive, but not Hustler type descriptions of the sex. Uh, I love a good buildup with some really good foreplay, but I hate cliches. You know, 'he ripped her bodice to expose her milky white breasts.' Really? Noone talks like that. Tell me how sensitive her nipples were to his touch. Tell me how swollen he is, or how thick he appears through his jeans. One of the best descriptive scenes I've seen lately is in one of Laurell K Hamilton's books. She's really good at erotica, even if she's doing wereleopards.

12. What is your writing process like? How long does it take you to finish a story from beginning to end?

That's really a hard one, because it's never the same. The first book took about three weeks. The one on the market took two months from start to finish, and this one is now rolling over on the fourth month. I wish I could be like Amanda Hocking and knock one out in a week, but I get distracted fairly easily.

13. What do you love most about writing? What do you hate about it?

The world and character building. I always refer to it as playing God. We get to create any world we want, choose the players, name them, give them life, then on the seventh day rest...I wish.
I absolutely hate the edit and revise stage. I'm still looking for the Easy button so if you know of anyone with one for sale let me know.

14. After writing for hours at a time how do you relax?

Believe it or not I read. There's nothing as enjoyable to me as reading. Well, yeah ok, sex, but that's a little hard when three kids are running around the house saying “hey mom!”. I actually read in my genre, and can finish two to three books a week so I'm constantly at the bookstore or on Amazon.

15. What is your opinion of writer's groups? Do you find them helpful? And how did you find yours if you have one?

Oh I love writer's groups. There's no way to get an honest opinion on your work from your friend's and family. That's where the members of your group come in. They can offer honest opinions, feedback, even suggestions to improve.
I found mine by posting on Writer's Digest. How lucky am I that one of my friends in my group turned out to be the Bestselling author Norma Beishir?!

16. Is writing your full-time job? If not, how and when do you find time to write?

Yep, well, next to being a mom and wife. Unfortunately, they don't both mesh all the time. I still have to get the laundry done, cook dinner, all the fun stuff. But the rest of my time is spent working on my craft.

17. Is there a specific bit of advice you would give to an aspiring author who is looking to publish their work?

Never give up! Sounds so cliched but that's the best advice I've ever heard. If you keep getting rejections, turn them into wallpaper. If people keep saying the same negative thing about your work, take some classes, study some books, keep working. Just remember...Stephen King and Stephanie Meyer both got rejections.

18. How did you decide on a Publisher? What were the factors that convinced you it was the right one for your work?

I'm actually an independent publisher. I tried to the traditional route, and even got offered a contract by an awesome agent. But in the end, I chose to go the self-published route. I love doing all the work myself, including finding someone to edit for me, marketing on my own, and I recently found someone to write a press release for me. I don't think anyone should turn their nose up at the idea of independent publishing...we're taking over. lol

19. Can you share a little bit about your current release with us? Where can we find it?

Oooh, my favorite subject. Lol In my newest release, not to mention my first out in public, A Repeating Life, a woman finds herself dependent on her boss, who turns out to have a few secrets. After some really hot and sweet scenes, she begins to realize there's a lot more to their relationship than she ever dreamed possible.
It's currently available on Amazon and Nook. The paperback will be available this spring. I'll also be releasing a new book, an urban fantasy about demon huntes, late this spring.

20. Where can your readers find you? Blog/Website/Twitter or any other links you’d like to share with us please feel free.

The stalking options are endless, lol.
You can find me at, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, or on my blog.

This has been a phenomenal interview and I would like to say thank you Christy, for taking time out of your day to tell us all about yourself and your writing.

Thank you for you having me!

I am sure there will be many updating their TBR lists after this!

About "A Repeating Life"
Juliana Benson thought she'd finally get a little excitement in her life when her incredibly good-looking boss, Michael Mason, offers her a job as his personal assistant. She had no idea she'd be depending on him for her life; and finding the soul mate she lost in 1846.

Set in today's world, Juliana begins to realize there are some things not quite human about her boss. When she wakes up in his home after a brutal attack, she realizes there's more to Michael than she ever thought possible. The true test will be when she realizes her dreams are trying to tell her the truth about Michael...and herself.

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